13:: Good Things Gathered

Hi friends, and happy Friday! I’ve got a few good things gathered for you!

I am very happy to report–

  1. I finished the shawl! I started it several weeks back and am pleased with how it came out. The yarn was two skeins I had bought from Apothefaery at Fiber Christmas in July last year. Her colors are always so lush and gorgeous, sometimes I just have to keep and enjoy them as a skein for a while. But since this blue and pink colorway is more spring/summer looking, I wanted to get this finished to be able to wear. I think it came out really well, and I know I’ll enjoy it for many years to come!

2. Something else I’ve been gathering is seeds, here and there. I LOVE zennias and I dont think I had any of the candy cane striped ones last year. I love them because they look paint splattered. I have learned to plant my zennia seeds after the rainy start of spring, because too much water makes them get moldy. I also am putting morning glories in various spots where they can climb a fence, a trellis and even a chippy old metal bench on my porch. And I thought growing chives sounded intriguing as well! If all else fails, at least they have a flower! And I am very happy to report that the garden is very much in bloom right now…

My roses are now all either in bud or beginning to bloom, and it makes me so happy! I love a good old fashioned rose that unfurls with each day. I am especially fond of the David Austin roses, and first to bloom this spring was Desdemona— isn’t she pretty?

3. Comfort Reads— I am always reading several books at a time, but some of my favorites to go back to are the Susan Branch biography books. The other day I pulled out The Fairytale Girl and have enjoyed perusing it. I love a good biography, and especially one about a woman who finds her dreams with art! If you’re looking for a comfort read, I highly suggest this book and also Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams.

Ooh and before I go, just a reminder— my sale in my Etsy shop is still going and will last through Sunday. Perhaps there’s something there you need, to celebrate spring and Mother’s Day?

This weekend I’m hoping to get some time to paint and have more pieces to share with you! It wont be long and I’ll be needing fall and Christmas art! Most Julys find me in my studio with the Christmas Carols playing.

I hope you are well and I hope you are having a beautiful start to your May. I appreciate you coming here to visit me! I’ll be back again soon–

til then–

take joy!


2 thoughts on “13:: Good Things Gathered

  1. I didn’t know that trick about zinnias. I will keep that in mind. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous! I really love the colors and the design. I went through this really dumb phase a while back where I gave away a lot of my favorite things and one of them was an Irish shawl my mother bought for me when we visited Ireland. What was I thinking????

    Susan Branch’s illustrations are so cute. July sounds like an amazing time for you!


  2. What a lovely collection of Good things Gathered! Your shaw is so pretty and I love the pattern you created because it makes it a bit lacey and different. You are right, the colors are lush and festive for a warmer weather garment to enjoy when the evenings are cool.

    Wow, your garden is off to a beautiful start with blooms and healthy new plants looking happy! That first David Austin rose is stunning. I am guessing it smells wonderful too?

    When Susan Branch wrote the trilogy of her life and adventures, I enjoyed reading them several times each. In a way, her move to Martha’s Vineyard became the unexpected pivotal change in her life. How special and lucky she was that her life there has built her the success she enjoys today. Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket have long been on my wish list to visit. Susan’s accounts of the islands make them more and more interesting and now they are high up on my travel hopes for the future.


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