New Painting- Gwennie, Lila & Rue

Hi friends–

How are you? Here we are another Monday, but happily it’s a holiday here. I took last week off from blogging, as my kids are now home for the summer and we are adjusting to a new schedule and I haven’t been feeling well. I *think* we’ve found a bit of a routine and I’m hoping to get some good painting done this season– especially as I hide away from the blazing summer sun and bide my time for autumn and Christmas!

Speaking of autumn— I just finished this new autumn painting I’ve called “Gwennie, Lila and Rue.” They are three cute little witches, trick-or-treating in their pretty New England neighborhood. The original painting has sold, but I’ll get prints ordered too. What do you think of them? 😀

You’ll have to give me some suggestions of autumn and Christmas/winter art you’d like to see. It’s gonna be a looooong summer and I’m going to need something to distract me from it, haha!

And as for my Etsy shop— I’ve restocked some of my more popular saint and marian art from past years, if there was a piece that you enjoyed! Here are some of the saints that I’ve relisted, including: St. Helena, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Cecilia, St. Audrey and St. Margaret of Scotland.

Well, signing off for now, but I will be back again soon! Hugs to you and I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day and summer!

Take Joy!~

One thought on “New Painting- Gwennie, Lila & Rue

  1. Love this painting of the three witches Trick or Treating ! So happy it already went to a home too because you can’t have enough Halloween decorations to enjoy!! It will be another hot and long summer soon and I agree that it is a good time to dream of the cooler days of Fall and the fun and beautiful holidays that we enjoy each year. You know me, I love the fall season and it never ceases to inspire me with hope and happiness. What is not to love about a big grinning pumpkin, banana pumpkin bread, cold fresh apple cider and glorious chilly breezes with trees full of blazing leaves! Well, and then there is coming inside to a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee! How many more days until Fall?? LOL!!


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