Hi there, friends– here we are in July! Officially in the full swing of summer. And you know what that means for me– autumn and Christmas art, haha! Nothing gets me in the mood more for painting holiday art than blaring old Christmas carols in the art studio while the triple digit temps sizzle outside. That is how I survive summer in Oklahoma.

To be honest, these last few months haven’t gone as I’d planned and I havent gotten as much done as I wanted to. Some help issues have popped up (autoimmune weirdness that is often a long puzzle before it can be solved. Sigh!) I havent even begun to start on a Christmas pattern booklet like I’d envisioned, and its looking like that is a project I’m going to have to give myself more time to do. BUT, I am very close to sending in the images for my 2022 calendar and should be able to offer a presale in the coming weeks! I can’t wait for you all to see it!

The garden is also reaching peak summertime and the phlox are in bloom and these amazing bespeckled lilies are out as well. Aren’t they just gorgeous? I know the hummingbird moths love these phlox, so I’m keeping an eye out for them. The summer bats are also out full-force at dusk, and they are a part of summer that I really look forward to. The gold finches have also arrived and are enjoying all the sunflowers that self-seeded in the yard and I didn’t have the heart to yank them up.

Something else nice that has happened is that my Autumn pattern booklet “Frost on the Pumpkin” was featured on Daisy Kay Primitive’s flosstube recently, and I’ve had a lot of orders (thanks so much to her!) I still have some copies left, and there’s no time like now to get to work on that autumn folk art! Especially if you live somewhere like I do where summer can feel long and miserable. Let’s get autumnal!

I hope you are doing well, and I hope your gardens are looking lovely. I know so many have been dealing wish such brutal weather this summer, with the pacific northwest seeing temperatures well above what we’ve had here. I know how hard the heat can be on your health and happiness and I hope things get back to normal very, very soon!

Now time for me to start my day, errands and appointments….and hopefully some painting too!

Take Joy!

4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Your lilies are what I was raised with in my front yard each summer. My Mom called them Tiger Lilys and yours are beautiful against that purple Phlox! The constant rain and humidity has wearied many of our flowers except for Pentas, Plumbago, Cigarette Plant, and a few others here and there. It is normal for this time of year for us but many will come back in late October when days are drier. It is a virtual swamp down here right now!

    I was excited to see where so many stitchers grabbed up the Autumn booklet!! They are going to love all of the patterns as well as the recipes and the easy-peasy neck cowl. I think I made 4 of them last year as gifts for friends that live in colder states. All I can say is wait until they try the Pumpkin Banana bread recipe!! It is delicious and everyone who has tasted it loves it too. That recipe is another good reason to purchase this book.

    Enjoy your garden at full peak! Your IG posts here and there has shared what a pretty garden it has been this year.


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