A little Christmas Cheer in July

Hello, friends, good morning!

How are you doing this mid-July? In my etsy shop I am well into my Christmas in July sale, with lots of items flying out to near and far (thank you!) but I’ve still got plenty to share! It’s been fun to get a bit in the Christmas spirit (such a wonderful time of year) in the heat of the summer. I’ve been really trying to get in the Christmas state of mind as our air conditioning in the main part of the house was out for 5 days (Nooooooo). Thank goodness it is back on and I am so thankful! I do love my old timey things, but always sign me up for air conditioning, especially in the middle of July in Oklahoma!

Today I thought I’d share with you some Christmasy art and photos to help you get in a festive mood as well! What I love most about the Advent and Christmas season is that its the one time of year when the community at large turns its focus to peace, joy and hope for the future. I love Christmas carols (yes, all year ’round!) , and hearing them when I’m out and about always makes me happy. Candlelight, mittens, hearty foods and time to think about those we love are also things that I so enjoy about the season. How about you?

Growing up, my mom always decorated all-out for Christmas, as did both my grandmothers. After Thanksgiving, it would be time to bring all the boxes of ornaments and decorations down from the attic, and I particularly loved going through the box of Christmas tree decorations. I’d unwrap them all carefully, inspecting each one, and decide which one was the prettiest. I honestly don’t remember which ornaments it was that I’d choose, I just remember the process and the enjoyment of seeing all the little things again that I’d forgotten about since the last Christmas. It’s still fun, isn’t it, to see beloved pieces that only come out once a year?

I still love the thrill of getting out all the holiday items that I set back for the Christmas season. From Tasha Tudor Advent calendars to Swedish Christmas ornaments to special things I’ve been given by friends and family. Some of those ornaments I loved as a child are now mine to display in my own home, bridging Christmases past and present.

And best of all, is that night before Christmas— filled with magic and anticipation as we await the joy of Christmas morning. I know I am very much looking forward to the coming Advent and Christmas season– it is my hope that we can once again be with friends and family and celebrate together with music, good food, love and hope for the future.

As Fra Giovanni wrote, and Tasha Tudor often quoted– “The gloom of the world is but a shadow, behind it, yet, within our reach is joy. Take Joy!”

Wishing you peace and joy this July and all year round–


6 thoughts on “A little Christmas Cheer in July

  1. I love your warm & cozy Christmas decorations! I remember how magical it was when we’d open up the box of ornaments and I’d go through each one so carefully. We also had some great ’90s static-cling scenes to put on the window, and I’d spend AGES arranging and rearranging all those little pieces. 😉

    One of the traditions we started when we got married was buying a new-to-us Christmas record each year, so we can have that beautiful, scratchy record of Bing Crosby, etc playing while the kids help decorate the tree.


  2. You know how I share the love of Scandinavian Christmas decorations and traditions. Each year, I look forward to hanging my Tomtes that you made back some years ago amidst the straw ornaments my Mom helped me make in the late 1980s. Then there is the knitted ball from Tante Turid when we had the privilege meeting her in our visit to the homeland of Oslo. Mix all this with the many years of Advent traditions and Christmas is joyous and full from St. Andrew’s Day to January 9th. Got Jul!!


    1. I enjoy seeing your pretty Christmas decor and art. I absolutely love the Madonna and Child! 😀
      Do you decorate for Thanksgiving? I do, and we always enjoy decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving. Your Christmas art is so charming!


      1. Thank you so much! During Thanksgiving, I usually do a more, simple, pared down autumn decor. A little respite between the all-out of halloween and christmas!


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