Winter Woolens

Good morning friends–

I’m checking in with you today on a cold, gray and snowy afternoon! Looking out the studio winter, I can see the little white flakes whirling and dancing down into the sleeping cottage garden. It is– most definitely– prime knitting weather!

And not just knitting….all the wooly things….spinning, weaving….all the lovely things….

This year I’d really like to get back into fiber work. I’m still working on stitching patterns, and of course art— But I miss time spent with wool. I dont know about you, but in many ways it feels like we froze in time in March 2020. I had so many plans for fiber things– weaving especially. And although it often feels like we’ve been in this pandemic for a loooong time, it also feels like those pre-pandemic days are strangely frozen in time. I can still remember books I was reading, ideas for projects that were very quickly put by the wayside. I’m wondering if in 2022 I’ll be able to pick up a few of those things again. I’m hoping so.

Obviously– I have plenty of yarn and fiber to keep myself busy this year. And, really, for probably a lot longer than that! I’ve cleaned this room up, and moved the loom around a bit, in hopes that soon I’ll be inspired…

Whatever you are doing this winter, whether its picking up old projects or exploring new ones, I hope you have a wonderful, restful and creative time. I feel like I’m just trying to get my thoughts in order, and then I can begin my creative endeavors.

In shop news, I have a few more 2022 calendars left and I’ve marked them down 15%! You can find them HERE while they last.

Stay warm and know that I appreciate you coming to visit me here!

Take Joy-


One thought on “Winter Woolens

  1. I think many of us feel a bit frozen or stuck in time since March 2020. Time has not unfolded in a recognizable fashion for almost two years and I keep trying to find my footing in an ever changing upheaval of the Pandemic. Like you, I find that there is something comforting about wool in your hands and working with it. Sometimes I wonder and imagine how women felt decades and even centuries below when times were uncertain and life was in a constant seeming or real upheaval? Working wool or any yarn into a specific use calms my mind because my effort turns into a tangible and useful item. When things are out of my control, I can fine making something useful and good is a great balm for my rattled soul. A new pair of knitted gloves or socks is like a loaf of hot bread from the oven. These tasks have kept women’s hands busy and creating useful things seems to keep us upright and more grounded.


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