New Painting- Selbu Knitter

Hi friends,

I have a new painting to share with you….it’s a piece that I have worked on throughout the month of February, which was a very hard month for me and my family. We lost dear loved ones, and the events that are currently happening in Ukraine are breaking my heart. To help get through these tough days, I’ve turned to painting— I created the small paintings to give to (they sold out in minutes! THANK YOU. I am currently ordering mini prints of them so we can continue to give money to aid Ukraine) and I also finished this piece, Selbu Knitter.

This painting was inspired by our studies and reading of Norway, and the interesting folk tradition of 2 color strand knitting that originated out of the Norwegian town of Selbu in the 19th century. In this piece, a Norwegian mother knits a selbu mitten on a snowy winter day while an older child watches (and learns!) and a baby sleeps in an old fashioned, built-in bed (the kind I would love to have in my own home!)

Selbu Knitter is available now as an original painting in my etsy shop, and I am also ordering prints. I have a feeling she’ll be in the 2023 calendar as well…

Last month I also took an online course on learning to knit selbu mittens, and although some intense life events have stalled me out on completing them yet, I am really enjoying learning to make them, and can’t wait to wear them. I am also still gung-ho with reading Kristin Lavransdatter, and am well through book 2 of the trilogy. We are talking about it on my instagram if you’d like to join us.

Thanks so much for your visit today, I hope you are safe and well.

Take Joy,


One thought on “New Painting- Selbu Knitter

  1. You are doing great with this new technique in knitting! The colors are perfect for those months of cold weather out there on the Prairie. You will have to post a photo when you finish as I am curious about the end result.

    The trilogy by Undset was like a thriller to read. Once I started, there was no putting it down. What a journey back to the Middle Ages in Norway this story took the reader. Plus, the author gives us a good view of the hierarchy of the 1300s and all it’s trials and tribulations for the various levels of society. The personal journey of Kristin and her family is fascinating and in many ways she was ahead of her time regarding the role of the woman in a family. She is also easy to identify with as she has the traits of a strong willed woman which could be found in any era where social status defines the boundaries one finds pushing back on your own will to do and be different.
    I know those followers of your blog are enjoying this series as much as I did. It is compelling and once you get into it, you cannot quit until you reach the end.


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