Spring Knits & Blossoms

Hi friends–

I am just now getting a moment to sit down and write to you– these last few weeks have been busy and intense, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! In February, I took a class with knit.club to make Selbu Mittens. I have always loved the look of Selbu mittens, which are colorwork mittens that find their origin in Selbu, Norway. When I began the class, my granny had just been diagnosed with cancer. I worked ((slowly)) on these mittens and watched the class videos as we took care of granny as she went through hospice, and then when she passed away the day after her 89th birthday.

Just this week, however, I finally finished these mittens. It’s a bit bittersweet, but also I’m really happy to have completed them and really enjoyed making them! I can’t wait to make some more, and have another project just waiting in the wings (THIS beautiful pattern from Scandiwork, with all the proceeds from the sale of the pattern donated to aid Ukraine!)

Of course, now that my mittens are finished, spring has arrived in Oklahoma! My peach trees are in bloom— in a profusion of bloom!!– and it’s so wonderful to see. Last year we had no blossoms and thus, no peaches, because of that big freeze we had in February of 2021.

Finger crossed, if things go well, we will have peaches this summer! And by the time chilly weather settles in here again….I should have a good collection of mittens to keep me warm and cozy!

It’s good to see the garden waking up. It feels like a fresh start, a turning of a page, a new season. My granny loved flowers, and she used to drive by my house just so she could see what was blooming and then call me later and tell me how pretty it looked. She also loved all colors of pink and there’s so much pink happening in the garden at the moment!

One of my favorite spring plants is my Lenten Rose (or Hellebore) that is a dusky, mauvish-pink. The color almost perfectly matches my new mittens! Which is appropriate, because these early blooming plants are perfectly happy to bloom in the snow.

I have so much to share with you, including a wonderful visit to Lindsborg, Kansas (Little Sweden!) last year. I will be back very soon, and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

I hope you are well and I hope that this weekend you–

Take Joy!~

One thought on “Spring Knits & Blossoms

  1. Oh those Selbu mittens are beautiful!! They do reflect those early spring colors of mauve and oatmeal. What a lovely tribute to your Granny too. She knew you shared her love of flowers and these mittens, with their early spring colors, feel like a tribute to her.

    Love those pretty peach blossoms. I do hope there won’t be a surprise frost again so you can enjoy a big harvest again this year. Is there anything more delicious than sun ripened fruit right off the tree in your yard??

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