Candlemas Day

  Hello there, friends!~
     I wanted to share with you my latest painting that I just finished— It’s called Candlemas Day. Candlemas is one of those very old, but not often heard of holy days that I have loved ever since hearing about it.
   Candlemas, which falls on February 2, is celebrated by the Orthodox, Catholics and Anglicans around the world. The day’s official name is the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord and the Purification of the Virgin Mary.  It also became the time in many cultures where candles were brought to the church to be blessed by the priest, hence the more folksy name— Candlemas!

   In this painting I show a mother and daughter tramping through the snow on a cold gray day to church to have their candles blessed. I challenged myself to find the bare beautiful intricacy of late winter; its not the festive time of Christmas, but its still pretty….and there are tiny hints of the coming spring, in birds about and a few evergreen leaves on little bushes and wild shrubs.

  The original of this piece has sold, but I do plan on making prints! And I’ve challenged myself to paint a variety of seasonal pieces that I can group together as a calendar for 2019. Here’s February!

    Here in Oklahoma, there is no snow— in fact its been pretty mild and lovely, a real taste of spring! We’ve been enjoying it and I’ve tried to indulge in some daily walks and rambles to take advantage of it.

   In other news— I’ve started a new little blog called Take Joy! Its more of a just a quiet, chatty blog to talk about knitting and tea and good books and rambly sort of stuff. I decided to move the more ‘chatty blog’ portion of my online writing there so that this spot can be devoted more to new works, upcoming events, classes, etc. I would love for you to stop by over there and say hi— or say hello here too! I love hearing from you!~

Well, time to sign off! Hope you are well and having a wonderful 2018!~

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