I am SO thrilled to be able to offer these custom made rug designs by American Dakota, featuring my art work! These rugs were born out of a project between American Dakota and myself in an effort to create unique, Americana style designs that can be enjoyed in homes across America.
   What I was really excited about when approached to do this project is that the company creating the rugs is a small, family owned business working in the United States. Each rug is crafted and woven in the heart of Georgia.
   So not only do you get a beautiful, unique rug that you’ll never see at the big box stores, you also support American families and their small businesses—- including mine!

   These rugs are made from premium EnduraStran nylon, are commercial grade and clean easily with soap and warm water. They also have a really nice plush feel— I’ve tried them out and love their quality and feel!

   The folks at American Dakota have kindly made it possible for me to sell these rugs directly to you, and they will ship them to you, fresh off the loom.
I am SO so pleased to offer to you the rugs “Black Bear Creek” and Cabin in the Pines.” Sizing and pricing and photos are below:
(3×4′ and 3×5′ version)

(5×8′ Version)

3×4′ $95
4×5′ $165
5×8′ $315

Cabin in the Pines
3×4′ $95
4×5′ $165
5×8′ $315
8×11′ $650

3×4- $12
2×8- $18
4×5- $18
5×8- $24
8×11- $35

If you are interesting is ordering a rug, please email me and I will send you an invoice and get you a rug shipped to your front door!
Thanks so much!~!

One thought on “Rugs

  1. These rugs are beautiful!! I love the rich colors and designs too. I have emailed you for the one I want . I love being able to support another small business .


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