Welcome to Audrey Eclectic, original folk art inspired by days long gone by, faith, family, folklore, and a passion for history and literature. I began my painting business in the autumn of 2007 when my daughter Audrey was an infant, and since then I have done many local and regional craft shows, gallery events, and had my work featured in various national publications. I am also thrilled to report that my work is now collected around the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Sweden.
   My work is done with acrylic paints on wood and canvas and you can usually find originals for sale in my etsy shop, as well as prints, post cards and other handmade items. 
   In addition to the pieces I create for my own business, I am also happy to create custom pieces such as family portraits, wedding portraits, ancestral portraits, and other unique art portraits. Please see my commissions page for more details.
    I also invite you to come along on my artsy endeavors on my art blog, so you can see the latest paintings I’ve made, hear about upcoming shows and events, and other artsy ramblings.
      Thanks so much for your visit!
Heather Sleightholm

One thought on “Welcome

  1. I stumbled across your blog on Facebook. I absolutely love your work. I hope to place an order soon and possibly commission a family portrait. Congratulations on your new baby.


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