Summer Whites

It might be hard to tell from my artwork, but I do like whites and creams. I seem to be adding more and more of them, and I think they look pretty with splashes of dark— like brown, or gray or green. That’s what you’ll find more and more of in my little house.

Yesterday I wrapped up the first of my commissions and sent it off to its new home. I added a little bit of fennel from the front bed, I love their dusty white blooms. While most of my garden is limping along, the fennel can always be counted on to go crazy and try to take over. It’s pretty and ferny, although sometimes you have to yank it up and remind it to share 🙂
I like sending my originals off in pretty packaging. I think it makes getting treats in the mail all the more exciting when you get to undo pretty paper and ribbons. And you know I like pretty dishes– last night I brought home a complete white porcelain tea set and now I’m just itching to start painting it. I think I’ll sell each piece individually this time around, and not necessarily do a matching set. But I’m happy to say that in the future, if anyone’s looking for a custom painted tea set, I should be able to do it! 🙂
As for myself, I’m still on the hunt for pretty blue and white dishes. Still haven’t found just the perfect ones. I love the dishes that she has in this post, actually I love almost everything about her style. Do you ever get decorating crushes? Lol….
Well, we’re headed for a 103* day today. So I think I’ll stay in and work on some knitting. Perhaps if I start now, I might actually get some things done by christmas 😉
And thanks to all of you who have come to this new space with me! I so love seeing you, and also meeting the new friends who’ve stopped by. I love reading all your comments, and I’m making it a new policy to be more chatty with you all in the comments section.
Well, better start breakfast…

11 thoughts on “Summer Whites

  1. I'm with you, I love white's and creamy 'off whites' I also love pretty packaging too, I can't imagine sending my paintings out not packaged all pretty. I love the way you packaged yours x


  2. Thanks Micki! I love trying to find the right paper that 'fits' what I think Audrey Eclectic is. I love post paper, and was happy to find some nice wrapping paper with the browns and a pattern on it.


  3. Oh wow – try and stay cool in the heat! Summer whites actually have a kind of cooling effect. I think it looks so beautiful this time of year. I love pretty packaging, too. I agree that it does make getting something in the mail all the more exciting! Hope you and the family have a lovely 4th!


  4. Beautiful dishes and pictures. I have such a dish fetish. I don't need anymore, but I can't seem to help myself when I come across something so lovely and unique. I think we are kindreds! 🙂


  5. Heather, I made the jump! The new blog looks great. These photos are also looking awfully fancy! They are beautifully arranged, worthy of being published for sure. You do white well!


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