Weekend Knitting

A couple of years ago for my birthday I learned to knit. I think I actually sat in the little knitting shop, getting the free lesson, on the evening of my birthday. How granny is that?

Yesterday I got the urge to knit again. It had been a while. There was literally dust on my needle pack πŸ˜‰ But so many of my friends have had babies recently or are very near to having them. I got this book by Amanda Keeys a few years ago with the ambition of knitting tiny adorable hats, but many months of frustration had lead to a complete inability to knit in the round. It just escaped me, utterly. Until last night! Hurray!
So this weekend I have big ambitions; knit approximately 5,679 adorable little hats; start on the patchwork quilt I’ve been dying to make but keep putting off; finish some lovely little musically inclined paintings I’ve been working on; and seeing friends and family for the holiday weekend.
Do you have big plans this weekend? Hope you have a great holiday!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Knitting

  1. How funny, I am starting a new knitting project, a lacey tam for me. The 3rd is the fireworks over the bay here. The girls are going on a friend’s boat, to enjoy it. Have a fun weekend xoxo Clarice


  2. You are quite ambitious for the weekend! LOL I can't think about knitting this time of year. We'll be going to my parents' house for a cookout on Monday – so that means I have a lot of things to do tomorrow (make deviled eggs and a dessert trifle). Otherwise, just trying to relax. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!!


  3. how did i not see your new blog page before? i'm following now.i love to knit too.i'm currently working on mittens and hope to makes some gifts~ hats are one of my favorite projects-portable and 1 skein will usually do πŸ™‚


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