An art + craft barter

Last week I was really excited to get this beautiful custom made laptop bag in the mail, made by a really talented lady with a very beautiful blog. If you’ve never seen the Andrea Creates Etsy Shop or blog, you must check it out and see all the prettiness.

Getting this bag was made all the more special because I was able to send her something special as well– this custom painting of her very beautiful little girls!

This bag is so handy and so pretty. There’s even a doily on the back side. How perfect is that? Now I’m ready for any laptop excursions that might arise… mobile blogging on the prairie!
Thanks so much Andrea!~

6 thoughts on “An art + craft barter

  1. Andrea is awesome, and very talented! I'm so happy to have found you too! You are both very gifted, and I'm glad that you've been able to have such a serendipitous trade. Well done to you both.:)


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