12 thoughts on “WWMID?

  1. I don't guess I realized that was your blog all this time. I love it! You are quickly becoming the authority on all things old-timey. 🙂


  2. An yes. Little House. I grew up reading the books and watching the tv series. WWMID is exactly what we should all be asking ourselves! I'm off to check out your other blog now.. and p.s.- I was so excited to see your Tasha Tuesday segment. I'm a big fan of Tasha Tudor. My late uncle had several of her books, including The Private Life of Tasha Tudor and now I have his books. What an incredible woman…


  3. Heather! I didn't realize you had switched over too… good to know! I'll make the switch on my sidebar as well.I didn't switch to a totally different blog- i just changed the url address… turns out i should've just switched all together- now my updates are coming up in people's dashboards. Don't know how I'm gonna fix that. wish me luck! eep!


  4. I will have to check out your new blog. I do LOVE the Ingalls. I have been sooo bad about blogging. With the kids home I rarely have time to myself. Thank you so much for the postcards! They are so beautiful! I can not wait to frame them. Jennifer


  5. Very awesome. I worked at Little House On The Prairie a few years ago. It was a really wonderful experience. I will definitely check out your blog. What a great idea. 🙂 Ma Ingalls was definitely full of wisdom.


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