Green Gables Girls

Just this morning I listed another Anne of Green Gables painting– you can now find both paintings in my etsy shop. What with the weather being so ferocious around here, my little gal and I were in the mood to travel vicariously to Prince Edward Island and watch the “Anne” series on DVD.

I’ve painted Anne before, a good long while back, in mixed media form. As much as I enjoyed mixed media painting, I think I’m enjoying this more traditional folk-art style more. Hope you are as well 🙂

7 thoughts on “Green Gables Girls

  1. These are beautiful! I was wondering where you've gone but now I've figured out I forgot to subscribe to your new blog. :)I'm off to check out your previous posts.


  2. Oh, how I LOVE Anne of Green Gables!! I'm LOVING what your doing here on this blog! I adore those tattered roses your making!! Sooo pretty! I'm not sure why I just get your old blog when I click on your address. I thought you hadn't written in a while until I went back on your old blog and then followed it here. I wonder if there's something to do to fix that. I might not be the only one with this problem. Well, I might be. I'm not always the best with this kind of thing. Is there a way to get my dashboard to go here now? Thanks!


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