English Roses and Tea Cakes

It’s another hot one out there! But I’ve been busy painting and cooking and trying not to think about it. Just yesterday evening I finished up this latest painting called “Lady Cordelia.” When I made her I had in my mind the series Downton Abbey— with all the decadent hair and beautiful clothes and leisurely days at an expansive English manor where all is lush and green. Sounds good, right? I painted this girl with some red and orange roses, because I do love roses in those colors. Our wedding flowers were a red tinged orange rose called “Granada.” We married in late October, so they were perfect for fall. I thought that Lady Cordelia would appreciate them as well 🙂 She’s now listed in my etsy shop.

I’ve also been blissfully reading about English cooking and delectable dishes and desserts just right for a nice evening snack. I found the recipe for this simple little tea cake at a new favorite reading spot, The English Kitchen, and it was perfect with evening coffee and an impromtu little girls’ tea party that took place this morning. This particular cake was the feather light whole wheat cake, although I had to do some tweaking with what supplies I was able to find or had on hand, so it was a ‘partially wheat cake’ 🙂 I also put in some blackberry jam in the middle and it gave the cake an extra yummy kick. Highly suggested! Next I hope to make Marie’s berry custard pie. Yum!
And so. We’ve had more than 20 days of triple digit heat, and we’re scheduled for more until….who knows. But I am going to try to not go completely batty from it 😉 I’m going to plunge myself into autumn paintings, and then perhaps start on Christmas for good measure. I really want this upcoming show season to be the best yet. I’ve got grand designs….and a little one who heads to school in just three weeks!
I’m also working on some more fabric roses and coming up with some really interesting designs! Hope to have some pretty new things to show you soon…

12 thoughts on “English Roses and Tea Cakes

  1. WOW! Heather, I love this post! Being English, I totally agree with a Downton Abbey tea with cake! I LOVE the painting as well……you are VERY talented!The cake turned out beautifully……KarenPS: Love the Granada roses too!


  2. That cake looks delish…yummy. I am so sorry for you with that heat. We finally got a break with a few really terrific thunder/lightening storms. Today was a bit drizzly but thank goodness the terrible heat is gone for awhile anyway:)


  3. What a fun little party it was too, although much too short! Thanks again for having us, and for all the craft talkin'. We've just gotta \”work through the pain\” of this heat. 😉


  4. I love her!! I've been waiting for just the perfect delicate piece to buy for you! (as if it's an easy task choosing?) I'm hopping over to your etsy right now, hopefully it's still available! – also- your tattered rosettes are gorgeous.


  5. She's lovely! I have two Granada rose bushes in my yard. Bought the second one because one just wasn't enough. I call it my circus rose because of the bright colors. It also has a lovely fragrance. Glad to hear of another person who appreciates the wonderful Granada rose.


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