Anglophile Date Night

You know, now that I think about it, I’m not sure who the first anglophile was in our little family. Sure, I do spend my time painting odes to Austen and Bronte and have a weak spot for little tea cakes and cookies and yeah I am spending this scorched summer dreaming of fog and drizzle. But my husband also spends a lot of time perusing shops like this and has an affinity for a different sort of football than most American men and actually has a village and moor in England with the same name. Perhaps we feed off each other’s nerdy loves, as any good couple should. At any rate, we decided to enjoy a childless evening anglo-saxon style, and we were so excited about it 😉

We dined at the White Lion Pub, which we had only recently heard about, although it’s been around for a while and seems to be a favorite with Tulsans with a weak spot for UK cuisine. Will got bangers ‘n mash and I sampled the cottage pie. It seemed awfully American to go straight for the fish ‘n chips, so we were a little more adventurous. The ambiance was really cozy and, well, English. Love too that the owner of the place is English and so the whole place has a distinct air of authenticity.
All in all, it was a lovely place to have a grown up meal out and about town and I’m sure we’ll be back. So many other great things on the menu that we need to try, and its nice to pretend that perhaps we’re in a little pub on a foggy gray day to escape the abominable weather and glare of the truth of our summer.
Do you have a favorite English treat? I’d love to hear about it. I’m trying to learn more about the food than what is just stereotypical. Hoping to make that berry and custard pie I mentioned the other day. One thing is for certain, the heat hasn’t affected my appetite 😉
Have a good weekend!~

13 thoughts on “Anglophile Date Night

  1. Oh do I have a favourite English treat Heather?! Where do I start! I LOVE:Steak and Ale PiePork PiePies, pies, pies……….Yorkshire PuddingVictoria Sandwich Sponge CakeFish and Chips,of course!CrumpetsCheese on toast…………….I better stop now…….LOL! KarenPS: Loved your post!


  2. We have a White Lion pub in our village over here !Now I'm something of an expert on English pub food, being English 😉 The kinds of things you'll often see listed as traditionally English – toad-in-the-hole, bubble and squeak, spotted dick – aren't eaten much these days. Sausage and mash is always popular though, as are Yorkshire puddings (savoury) and pancakes (usually sweet). I think a recent survey showed that the most eaten food across Britain was curry! Here in Wales Laverbread (savoury, made with seaweed and oatmeal), Welsh cakes (semi-sweet griddle cakes) and Bara Brith (a fruit bread) are all eaten regularly. My favourite local pub (which is just over the border in England) serves kedgeree and roast beef and lamb, but a lot of the dishes on the menu are international in origin – French, Thai, Italian. What else is on offer at your White Lion?


  3. the heat doesn't effect mine eithe sadly,,, my fav English reat is,,fish and chips,, english style,, mmm, thanks so much for visiting me today, OK my husband just said thats not a treat,, soooo,, mmmm, the golden syrup,, (name escapes me at the moment) its yummy!


  4. I love having so many real Brit friends who stop in and let me know what's what! And give me cooking tips too!~ I'm going to look up all these treats. And I cant wait to hear more about this Jane Austen toasted cheese!And this might horrify you— but I dont think I've ever had curry! Can you imagine?


  5. First of all, it looks like you two had a lovely date night. Good for you! And secondly, I've been meaning to try this place for ages now, so thanks for reminding me that I need to get on that.


  6. My husband misses mushy peas…ugh. He actually went and bought a can of them from a local English specialty store. Someone mentioned the golden syrup…it's Tate & Lyle of course:)Delish:) I miss the milk and the chocolate and the bacon…sigh. Oh and the prawn flavoured crisps (aka potato chips) Food just tastes different in England. I don't know why but it does:)


  7. Oh how totally fun!!!! That was a great date night – did you go immediately home and pop in a British flick??? 🙂 I must admit that my favorite English treats lean toward the sweet side – scones and trifle! Yum!!! 🙂


  8. Just earlier this evening, I finally made my first batch of scones. They came out so good. Now, all I need is to find clotted cream in a local store around here.


  9. lol I love the idea of an English pub in America, thats kinda funny.My little village/small town has a pub on every corner, I do hope they have a good old game of darts in your American version?I actually had fish and chips with mushy peas last night from our local chippy too, how very English of me (although my son had a burger and my daughter and hubby had kebabs with their chips);)My hubbies all time favourite is probably steak and ale pie or any kind of pie really, he loves a good pie lol.I love yorkshire puddings with a roast dinner (thats what we are having tonight)with either apple or cranberry sauce too…yummy!!x


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