Old Tattered Roses

I think if I had lived a century or two back, I would have liked to have been a milliner. I love hats and pretty hair accessories. However, I’ve never really seriously made anything of the sort for myself, until I started playing around with rag roses. And this is what happened.

I love old tattery things. And I dont mind lace as long as it looks like its about on its last leg and tattered to the edge of its life 😉 it’s character! I started making these rag roses really in attempt to make pretty accents for some knitted hats I started making for new little babies that seem to be popping up (or out?) so much recently. There are babies, babies everywhere! And there’s nothing cuter than a baby with a cute hat on its head.
However, once I learned how to make the roses I sort of couldn’t stop. Like eating chocolate, there was no way to stop at just one. I had to do one more. Then one more. I loved seeing how the different fabrics and textures playing out as a rose.
These little roses are made from fragments of lace and muslin with a little pearl tucked in for good measure. This reminds me of those bridal headpieces that women wore around the WWI era, and into the flapper age.
So what do you think? I’m just in the playing stage, seeing how things work, working out the kinks, but I think I’d like to start offering some of my little floral accessories in my shop and try them out at a show or two. I have a little tattery corsage that I made with yellow roses that is just adorable. Can’t wait to show you that one too!
I’m excited about the prospect of this new idea! I think it ties in nicely with the paintings because now, you can look like a girl in one of my paintings with a beautiful flower head dress or pretty floral pin at your neck. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

20 thoughts on “Old Tattered Roses

  1. They're lovely ! I've made rag roses out of my plant dyed silks, but never thought to add lace … I'm sure you have no trouble persuading folk they want to wear these gorgeous things 🙂


  2. you know this is the most romantic look,, just simply perfect and just enough girly girl,, lovely roses,, lovely photo!!


  3. I totally love them! And it certainly doesn't hurt that such a gorgeous lady is showing them off either. They're perfect for your brand, and I think they'd look great in your shop and/or booth!


  4. Oh my goodness, Heather! I LOVE these roses. And you look beautiful wearing them. The colors you selected are lovely. Are they easy to make? I bet they would do quite well at your craft shows – along with the baby hats! 🙂


  5. what's so funny about those photos of me is that I took them with my glasses off and was totally blind! that's why I'm looking away in them…I was afraid I'd look all wonky-eyed and unfocused straight on 😉


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