Scattered Moments

It feels like I just looked up from what I was doing and it’s already midweek. How did we get here? Things have been unusually busy these last few days, and the weather has (finally!) turned, bringing with it rather violent storms and winds (yes, that was me running out at 3 am to bring the bicycle in out of the yard in a downpour. Who would have thought rain could be so freezing when it was 114* just days ago?) and new opportunities have been presenting themselves left and right.

It feels a bit like life was holding its breath and finally just gave out. In the very best of ways, of course. It’s all just divine timing.
Audrey and I and our bestest crafting buddy Beth had a little tea party with a chocolate cake I made that was just this side of a disaster (but it still tasted great) to celebrate the impending arrival of Beth’s little one. Then we all snuggled down and watched the new Jane Eyre, which only fed my hopeless fascination with old houses, desolate landscapes, and pretty old frocks.
By this time next week Beth will have her little one in her arms! And you know what I’ll be doing? knitting more hats, of course!
I’ve also been working on this sweet little commission and I am just showing you a tiny little corner. I am always so pleased when people see my art and want something special made just for them. How sweet is that? It makes me happy πŸ™‚
And although my little art mouse nest room is still nearly a horrific mess (there is a clear space in the middle of the floor! That counts as clean, right?) I do love having little bits of inspiration hanging about. Above my laptop right here in front of me I have a little wire board with lots of old photos— some family heirlooms, some antique mall finds— and lovely little icons. They all spark a little something in my brain that says “make pretty things!”
And so, I try to.

6 thoughts on “Scattered Moments

  1. sounds like some wonderful inspiration that you have surrounded yourself with…nice little peak at what your working on and Chocolate cake and Jane Eyre sound wonderful!! ~Love Heather


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