Anne & Gilbert

I have been so thrilled at the warm reception that my other Anne of Green Gables paintings are having with you, my lovely friends as well as shoppers and fellow Anne lovers on etsy. More than any other painting, I think, the “Anne and Diana” garnered many wistful emails and comments about how the original was gone before it could be snatched up. Not one to leave you hanging though, I took heed of the clamor for a painting with Anne and Gilbert, and so here it is! Romance on the bridge!~
This painting is another good sized portrait, done on beveled wood, and it turned out so rich and nice. You can view the etsy listing to see another photo of it, with the beveled edges and all.
Anne and Gilbert are one of my favorite literary pairs, and cinematic pairs if you count the beloved miniseries. They spend about 98% of the story getting on each other’s nerves, trying to make amends, rebuffing the other’s advances, fighting attraction, and just generally causing one another a lot of heartache until finally….our beloved heroine comes to her senses. And thankfully, she does so in plenty of time to enjoy a love and friendship of the ages. And that’s what this painting is trying to capture, that moment when they realize “I just can’t do without you.” Perhaps there’s a special someone in your life who makes you feel the same way?
The painting is listed now on etsy and looking for a good home! Perhaps its with you? Maybe you just can’t do without it? 😉

10 thoughts on “Anne & Gilbert

  1. Heather I love the new blog and I just became a follower of this one now! I wanted to drop by and let you know that I had picked up HOME magazine at Michael's the other day and lo and behold there you were!!! I was so happy and excited for you and I must say that the plates and cups were superbly done! Congratulations on the magazine spread and the new blog!Tina xo


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