Thank you all for all your kind thoughts and comments! I am feeling (and looking!) much better! Thank goodness! Things have been a little quieter around here as I prepare. Lots of things getting ready to begin, and bloom. We’ve hit a growth spurt.

I’ve been cleaning for days, straightening and organizing in anticipation of next monday when I will be able to sit down for the first time and paint all day. It’s monumental! School starts Monday morning and my little rabbit will be off among the school children. It seems like its been such a long journey since I came home to be with her and now she’s putting on her backpack and headed out to learn a whole new world of things. I’m not sad about it, or overly sentimental. In fact, honestly, I’m really more excited than anything. For her and myself. She’s ready to take on the world and this little nest has just become too small and boring for her. And I am ready to paint like I’ve never painted before!
This past week we got a small reprieve from the monstrous heat and the garden has bounced back with a vengeance. My hyacinth bean vine (shown above), which I didn’t even plant in this particular bed, has gone luscious and wild. My dipping gourd vine has also scoffed at my humble trellis and is now creeping all over the yard, soon I will be tying it up along the fence so that the gourds can hang properly. Sadly my heirloom tomato plants that I was so excited about haven’t budded a singled fruit. I had such high hopes about pink tomatoes and stripedy tomatoes. Oh well. The only thing that really seems to be doing well is the okra, and I’d thought that would be the hardest of all.
And so. This is a week of preparations. Cleaning out, preparing little clothes, meeting teachers and buying dance shoes. Soon though I will be done with the preparing and ready for the doing. I can’t wait. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. It’s gonna be fun!~

7 thoughts on “Growing

  1. I am so pleased that you nearly back to your normal self Heather and ready to paint too, exciting for you and me, eh, wink wink!! I owe you mail, I know, but my B and B guests only just left and I am catching up with laundry and what have you, and have MORE dinner guests tomorrow night…..I will catch up soon ~ and thanks for the LOVELY photo of your hyacinth bean vine ~ it is so bright and cheery!KarenHave a WONDERFUL weekend!XX


  2. So pleased you're on the mend, and just in time for the extra painting hours you'll free up when your little one takes on the world. Such fun and adventures she will have 😀


  3. I'm glad you have some relief from the heat! I can't believe your little girl is ready for school! I'm sure she will enjoy all it has to offer. And I know you will be most delighted to have \”paint\” time, too. Can't wait to see the goodies you will create!


  4. It sounds like you've got the right state of mind with the whole school thing. So many moms cry and enter a depression when their little ones go to school, which I understand is because they'll miss spending the days with them. But I love the fact that you see it as an opportunity, for both you and her. I can't wait to see what kind of beautiful things you make with that extra time!


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