A Busy Start

I feel really lucky to be in a position where I like it when Monday rolls around 🙂 The weekend is through and its time to get back into the swing of things, back into getting ready for these fall shows.

Here is a bit of what I’ve gotten done already thanks to some weekend lulls. A new little painting of a pretty old timey girl holding a nest of owls! I am in the mood for fall. Never mind that its still supposed to get to 105* this week and be, by and large, completely miserable. No, I’m determined to paint owls and crows and pumpkins! And come rain or shine, all fall decorating is fair game come September 1! That’s my rule! 🙂
This new painting is called “The Nestlings” and its now available in my etsy shop.
I’m also working on this large scale painting that I have had in my mind for a good long while now. It’s set up like an old fashioned photo portrait, and he’s going to have a large bass in his hand. I’ve already painted in his suit and the big red curtain behind them, but this is just a moment in the creation of a painting and I thought you might enjoy seeing a glimpse at it before its all done.
I also made a bunch of little vintage looking coupons to go in the swag bags for Indie Emporium. The first 50 shoppers to come in the door get one of these lovely bags filled with all sorts of goodies including freebies and coupons. I’m excited to participate and had fun designing these little cards.
Well, today is Monday and that means ‘back to school!’ We’re both enjoying this school thing very much. I have never had so much time to do what I need to do. And it’s amazing how fast errands can go when you don’t have to stop at every bathroom at every destination or mess with a booster seat. And she’s loving school, especially all the arts and crafts they do. From what I can tell from the supplies we bought, I think I’m pretty much sending her to craft school 😉 and that’s fine by me!
Alright! Time to get up and start this day!~


7 thoughts on “A Busy Start

  1. It looks like you are going to have all kinds of wonderful things at your upcoming shows. The owls are so cute! I recently sculpted some tiny clay owls and was pretty happy with the turnout. I guess fall is in the air, even if it really isn't! 😉


  2. Love the girl with the adorable owls, I'm guessing that one will sell quickly, it's lovely!!My kids go back to school this Thursday I am looking forward to some peace and quiet (but at the same time will miss them both like crazy) 🙂


  3. Such a vibrant and happy post and I love your girl with the owls, mind you love owls!I am so glad that your daughter is enjoying school and you feel creative……have a wonderful week Heather.Karen


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