Tea with Mr. Rochester

I’ve been pondering Mr.Rochester from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre for a while now, and finally after some urging on etsy I decided to go ahead and make a Mr.Rochester design in my mugs. I think he came out quite brooding and handsome, which is a hard balance to strike!

The front of the mug features our tortured yet dashing hero and on the back a quote from the Bronte book: “Do you think me handsome?” Well, of course!
You can find this mug on a made to order basis now in my shop. Hope you like him!~ He’s already garnered quite a nice response and was even featured on the blog Book Talk and More today! That’s a nice debut, don’t you think?
More to show you soon….

8 thoughts on “Tea with Mr. Rochester

  1. Love this! I have a passion for all things Bronte and find there is so little interest in them. I am working on the idea of creating my own special Bronte sampler in 2012. Hugs from Holland ~Heidi


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