Maple & Bittersweet

Ah, the last day of August. Can’t say I’m sorry to see this harsh month go, although it was a little bit better than our brutal July. But I’ve got autumn on my mind and heart, and that’s where “Maple & Bittersweet” came from~

Every year when it comes time to paint fall scenes again its like meeting up with an old friend. The golds, the oranges, the reds. So pretty. Feeling in the mood for a little more traditional folk art style and motifs too— the little stylized trees and little farm houses. The girl in this painting was loosely inspired by a girl in a painting I did years ago— it was a fall painting I put in the gallery of my first Indie Emporium show. One of the pieces that won me a solo gallery exhibit in a local coffee shop. What a good year!
You might have noticed that this painting is now my new fall banner! I thought she fit perfectly πŸ™‚ I will also get this made into prints with my next batch. Hoping to get a few more paintings created and then make a print order of lots of new goodies. Only a few weeks til Indie Emporium!~
Hope you’re having a good Wednesday,

8 thoughts on “Maple & Bittersweet

  1. So beautiful, I love it! I surely do miss Autumn in New England, but I'll take the cooler weather with a little less color change then desired! I am not a summer gal. I am enjoying my visits to your blogs.


  2. That is JUST the prettiest painting I have seen lately Heather and all of your work is great! Cannot wait to see what mine looks like ~ but I LOVED that one and it is perfect for your new banner too! I love the colours and composition, as well as her pretty face and flowers….Karen


  3. I always get a little sad when Summer leaves–even if it has been too hot–but I Love Fall–just wish it could last through Winter :)This painting puts a smile on my face–she's so lovely.P.S. I got your excellent print a few days ago too–I'm going to get a frame. Do you have these prints made for you?–I really like the quality of it.


  4. She is really stunning! I just love her. I definitely would like a print!!!! πŸ™‚ I noticed that she is wearing fingerless gloves. πŸ™‚ And her expression and breeze-blown hair are lovely. She is one of my new favorites. πŸ™‚


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