Indie Emporium 2011

Well, we are back! Indie Emporium 2011 has come and gone and it was a really great show. Thanks to much help from my lovely bearded assistant, we had our best show yet at our biggest booth yet! We had a nice corner booth to display all out things….

The cups did well, and I met many a Jane Austen and Jane Eyre fan! What is so fun about these shows is finding so many kindred spirits who love the same things you do— in my case old timey girls, good books, spooky autumn scenes.

Your local Audrey Eclectic Folk Art Peddler

Here’s a shot of the rose pins and the knitted hats. I was surprised actually at the success of the knitted hats. I made them to put the roses on, but people were wanting just the hats sometimes, lol. Which of course is fine by me!

And I couldn’t talk about this craft show without talking about this! The Square. It’s the new thing now in crafting. You order the little white square (plugged into the top of the iPhone), sign up for the service (which is totally free!) and voila! You can now take all major credit cards at your craft booth. You only pay a tiny fee per transaction and I think this little accessory played a big part in making this our most lucrative show to date. Many of the vendors at this show had this, I know it will soon become a must-have for all crafters. It used to be, people only brought cash to these shows and if they found something they loved that exceeded their on-hand funds, it was just too bad. Now, it’s not a problem! Just swipe the card! πŸ˜€
All in all, it was a really good show. I met some really great vendors and customers as well. I hope everyone that bought a little something (or big something) from our booth loves it! It’s always such a pleasure to do this show.
Now, to rest a bit and then paint some more!~

15 thoughts on “Indie Emporium 2011

  1. what a wonderful addition to the craft shows,, you know I understand the importance of this because I'm one of those very people who wish they had brought more cash,, always finding something I just didn't have enough cash for ..Thats now history! I'm glad you did so well and well you should your work is beautiful, truly and inspiration you are!!


  2. Oh Heather, how exciting for you! The booth looked terrific – what a blessing the day must have been for you.I stopped by your Etsy shop and fell in love with two prints. Since I saw in your last post that we could have the second half price, I'll be purchasing. I don't have a pay-pal account. Anyway for me to purchase through credit card or check. Let me know…m.b.


  3. The blog looks great. I usually read in a reeder and you lose all the coolness of a blog.Your blog is phenomenal. You are precious. Your hubsband is adorable. Congratulations!!!


  4. I am so happy that your craft fair went well. I am sure everyone enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful items. Congrats! :)I am doing a Falling In Love With Art series on my blog, where I will talk about my favorite artists and I was hoping I could highlight your blog, please let me know if that is okay with you. I'd love to put a couple of your pics, link to your blog and etsy. Thanks, Heatheryou can email me:


  5. I'm such a loser, and I never did get a chance to walk around and see everyone's booths. So I'm glad you photographed yours, because it looks great! I had so much fun this year, and I agree on the Square. What a little miracle!


  6. I'm so glad the show was a success!!! πŸ™‚ You looked so lovely and so did your booth! That Iphone app is a godsend for indie craft sellers. Such a cool thing! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing the photos from your show!


  7. Wow Heather, I have been catching up on your posts and I see I have missed a lot while I was away at our other house!(with no Internet) You have been busy and it looks like your show went well!! Everything looks GREAT! πŸ˜€ Blessings and Hugs, Linnie


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