Post Cards from Pumpkin Town

I’m so happy it is October! Now it’s really truly fall. Now no one will raise an eye brow that we’ve got the halloween decorations out— its time for any and everything pumpkin, for chillly brisk days and ooooh, knitted things! Bats and cats and afternoons of watching The Worst Witch back-to-back at least two or three times.

Now that the first show of the season is over, I’m trying to settle in and keep the creativity going. I have a little one with a lingering cough, which we did our best to remedy with a spur of the moment trip to the pumpkin patch (she hasnt coughed too much! Perhaps it worked?). We also took our pup to the annual Blessing of the Animals at our church, which was such a lovely event (he was very well behaved).
Now we need to get the pansies planted and start hoarding spring bulbs. I cant wait to sketch and get to painting. So many things I love about this month. So many great moments when you’re in a Pumpkin Town state of mind…..

10 thoughts on “Post Cards from Pumpkin Town

  1. You have inspired me! I adore pumpkins in any shape or form. We are having such an amazing indian summer here in France though that time seems suspended… in a glorious kind of way. I love autumn too and I am enjoying watching myself naturally wander towards more autumnal colours in my creating. Most of the time I love spring and winter colours…. I presume that beauty is your daughter? Wow, is all I can say!What are you inspired to draw and paint at present?Have a lovely week.


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