Inspired Dwellings

Hello there, dears! I am back after a long few days of everyone but the dog falling sick in one way or another. But we’re all more or less on the mend and it’s back to work for me.
Lately I’ve been enjoying some hoarding tendancies when it comes to old magazines. Because, to me, the only thing better than a new magazine to look through is a new old and cheap magazine full of art inspiration. My favorite old magazine to snatch up at the antique mall is Country Living. I love the magazine now, but I also love its more rustic incarnation in the 80s/early 90s when New England style houses were all the rage.

Instead of losing specific images in a giant pile of magazines and then not knowing where to find them again, I thought I’d start cataloging and sharing some of my favorite homey and arty images here. The photos from this post come mainly from the December 1994 issue of Country Living.

At this moment in time, if you were to ask me what my dream house would be, I would say a traditional style New England salt box filled with rich wood floors, brick hearths and lots of rich color and simple furnishings. I’ll start with the doorway above, right down to the kitty. I’ll take it all, please.
If you ask me, the only thing better than one silhouette is more silhouettes. I love how they look massed together like this. When I see rooms filled with silhouettes it just makes me fall in love. The stockings on the mantle are so sweet too.
And here it is, my dream bedroom! Isn’t this room just gorgeous?! The rug! The hearth! The folk art! The homespun bedding! oooh, even a basket of knitting! I just want to walk right into this image and live there. I think I’m really coming to love the simple line of early American furniture and fixtures because they aren’t as foofy (real word?) or over the top as Victorian pieces. Before the industrial revolution, most of people’s furnishings, cloth, clothing, everything was handmade. Even down to the nails. I love that.
This hearth photo appears on the cover of this specific magazine and I love it. Of course I love the folk art portrait above the mantle and all the old dishes and pots and pans. I also love a good garland, and evidently this particular year yellow yarrow was all the rage. I think it appeared in atleast 3 or 4 different stories in this magazine. Perhaps there was a sale on yellow yarrow that year 😉 but I love the unexpected dash of yellow in the Christmas decor, how absolutely homemade and hand done it all looks. It just warms my heart and makes me long for the holidays.
Anyhow, hope you liked looking through these old photos with me! I think they’re so inspiring, no matter that they’re over 20 years old now. When things are timeless, they never grow out dated.
Whats your favorite decorating era? Or are you thoroughly modern? What inspires you?

15 thoughts on “Inspired Dwellings

  1. I really love this look and style too but unfortunately my house does not have a fireplace which is something I would love…maybe when I win the lottery I'll but my dream home:)


  2. These are all very cozy! I love the fireplaces, the last one especially with the swing arm to hang the kettles.I like a mix of styles, antiques mixed with modern, country and bohemian, as long as it's cozy I'm happy.


  3. Are the pictures from Country Living? I think I have the same magazines :)Yes, I am feeling better. In fact, I stopped by the post office to send you a nice card with the check inside. I am so excited to get the prints!I pray that you are feeling better Heather.Be blessed today,Maria


  4. Heather this is weird, only yesterday I pulled out all my old October and November copies of UK Country Living and my collection goes back to the 90s too as I've had a subscription since then. Great minds think alike as they say! It will be fascinating to see how different (or not) your US versions are 😀


  5. I am totally with you on this. I used to keep all of my Country Living magazines and cut out the most inspiring pics and keep them in a folder. When I'd need some decorating inspiration I'd go back through them. I love this look too, the old Saltbox style homes are so simple, yet comfy and having everything handmade is charming. One year, we did a homemade Christmas, one of my favorites. Our ornaments, gifts, even the garland on the tree, stockings…it all had to be made by hand. It was truly wonderful and my kids loved it. Thanks for sharing, these are make me long for the cozyness of winter.


  6. I am sorry to hear that you were all ill! Glad you are feeling better now. 🙂 It's fun to look at gorgeous homes for inspiration. 🙂 I'm not too positive about my favorite era for decorating. It's probably Victorian – and I always love visiting historical homes from that period. Oh the opulence! As for my personal current style, it's a mix of arts and crafts and country warmth. LOL


  7. Oh, those rooms look so homey and cosy! Just perfect!My dream home is a minimalist Scandinavian sort of style… white wooden floorboards, lots of handmade knitted blankets, and pale wood furniture 🙂


  8. I have to admit, a lot of my dream house is informed by what I'd do with it at Christmas so naturally, I fell just a little bit in love with some of those pictures you have. I'd love a log fireplace but I also want the Christmas tree right next to it, with the branches sticking out a little in front of it. So a naked flame is out of the question but you can still get that Christmassy atmosphere with a gas fireplace. I'd also have an entrance hall, just because I could work wonders with it at Christmas. (And moan about having to dust it for the other eleven months of the year.) There'd be a real tree, right in the centre with just white lights and glass icicles. Unfortunately, very little of my dream house will happen. Somewhere along the line, some genius decided that houses in England were best built in ugly great lines, all identical and stuck together. It was probably a space saving measure but that doesn't mean I have to like it and I don't.You do get the odd one built that goes against the grain but the house valuation tends to be crazy. Well beyond anything I'll ever be able to afford.But even so, I can still go into pretty much any room in any house and be mentally decorating it at Christmas. The entrance hall isn't essential. 🙂


  9. OOoo, that bedroom is WONDERFUL!!! I love this look, so classic, never goes out of style!! I seem to love so many different styles. It's hard for me to sink into just one. 🙂 But I do love this! Glad you are better and love looking at what you're working on. I've been starting Christmas ornament for the Christmas craft sales. I love doing ornaments. Ooo, and THANK you for the lovely print I won! How fun!! I LOVED your label, too. So quaint.


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