An October Jaunt

Things have been so quiet around here for the past few days because we were off wandering through the Ozark Mountains, as we’re apt to do from time to time. My birthday and my husband’s birthday and our anniversary are all around this time, so we went off for some general celebration and recuperation.

We stayed at one of our favorite haunts (hehe) the Crescent Hotel up on the mountain above the little artsy and old timey town of Eureka Springs, AR. We started our day in the dining room of the old hotel with its black linen cloths and glowing chandeliers and coffee that I love. Then we’d jaunt about town visiting the shops and restaurants that we’ve been to so many times that it feels like a second home.
It was a trip that I, for one, really needed. Sometimes you have to rest the mommy brain and I was languishing in a bit of an artistic rut. I love working at home on my art, but sometimes it can be like painting in a bit of a vacuum of direction and inspiration. Wandering around those steep little streets also helped solidify my longing to be a shop keeper. I would love to have a little nest of a shop, packed full of my creations, and just paint in the corner and visit with people as they came and went (and bought lots of art!). Trying to find the right direction and venue for one’s work can be tricky business. Many people go the consignment or wholesale route, or the licensing route, but I think my inclination at the end of the day is to create an entire world for my art and you, who buy the art. From the creation to presentation. Blame it on Type A tendencies 😉
So, it seems I’ve returned with a rested brain, new inspiration and some long-term goals. Not too shabby for a little trip to the mountains!~ I look forward to sharing more new pieces with you….

10 thoughts on “An October Jaunt

  1. Love the look of that hotel! We have a few similar to that here in Oregon, and they are my favorite get places to get away as well. Happy birthdays, and anniversary! 🙂


  2. I'm so envious of all the little trips you guys take to Eureka! Me and my honey are long overdue, considering we haven't been back since we got married there. Also, I could TOTALLY picture you as a little shopkeeper in the Ozarks. In fact, it's hard to picture you any other way now that I think about it. Go get it, girl!


  3. I love Eureka Springs! We used to go there every Thanksgiving weekend when I was a kid (my grandparents live in NW Arkansas). My husband and I have also visited and we almost got married at one of the wedding chapels. We hadn't been dating very long at the time and Paul said to me, \”You want to get married while we're here?\” Five years later, we finally got married! Haven't been back to Eureka Springs, though. It's on the list of places to visit again. Happy birthday to you and your husband and happy anniversary! P.S. My mom LOVED her Lizzie mug! 🙂


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