Taking a break from the painting table to say hello. It’s that season again, and I’m painting some new pieces for a gallery event next month in OKC. I wanted to show you my bluegrass family band painting, shown above; the mama plays the autoharp, and the girls play the fiddle and mandolin. The little girls were inspired by photos of my granny as a little girl, growing up in the Ozarks in the 30s and 40s. She was a cutie!

I’m also working on a mother and child piece that will be a wintery scene. Its near finished now, but this is a photo of it with just a bit painted in. These paintings look so strange, with floating figures and blocks of dark space before they’re completed. I thought you might like to see.
Back to work!

8 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Oh Heather – I received the prints – they are amazing! My husband was extremely delighted…I can not wait to frame them and place them on the walls.I can not wait to see what more you will have for winter.Thank you for shipping them so well :-DMaria


  2. Lovely paintings. I love the one on the left. I loved your photos from the pumpkin patch & hope we make it over the weekend. Thanks for the info on the square, just need an iphone lol, but really!! Nice catching up here. Theresa msartisttheresahuse.blogspot.com


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