New originals in the shop

Well, what a gray and rainy day we’re having here today! The bad weather cancelled a school field trip to the pumpkin patch, but it seems a wonderful day for nestling in and getting some painting done.

I’ve put these two paintings in my etsy shop this morning, they are on their best behavior and looking for a new home!
The first painting is “Pumpkin Town” and she is so sweet! Perfect for display all autumn long. The second is “Clara and her Doll” which I painted from the inspiration of an old daguerreotype from the 1850s. She’s holding an Izannah Walker doll.
Hope you and yours are safe and warm this late October day!~

7 thoughts on “New originals in the shop

  1. I'm thinking we're kindred spirits with our shared obsession with all things spooky, Halloween, or fall related because I would let the pumpkin girl grace my walls all year long. Love her!


  2. Both works are awesome, although I do REALLY love your Pumpkin Girl!!! Guess what? We are expecting snow tomorrow night. Can you believe that? We are supposed to go to a party – I am hoping the weather steers a different course! Happy Halloween weekend to you and yours!


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