Gathering the Greens folk art painting

Although Halloween isn’t yet upon us, I suppose it’s appropriate to be painting snow since those of you in New England are expecting such a whopping snowstorm today! I hope you are all safe and snug in your homes when this Halloween snow blows in!

I just finished this painting, which is a large one for me. I tried something new with this piece by painting my own framing border around the piece and really like how it came out! In fact, I’m working on another large piece with a similar painted on frame.
Today is also our 7th anniversary, although we’re home with a little one, I hope to have a nice calm and quiet day with some cookie baking going on in a bit. We’re finally getting our fall color here on the prairie, although its a bit muted since everything was so stressed during the summer heat. But I’m so thankful to have that behind us, and really looking forward to the approaching holiday season.
Hope all is well with you and yours this last weekend of October! Have a merry halloween as well! And be careful in the snow, should you have it 🙂

6 thoughts on “Gathering the Greens folk art painting

  1. Happy anniversary!! I wish it was snowing here. Being snowed in sounds like heaven. I love your painted border, charming!!! Clarice


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