Winter Reds

As of November1, I am throwing myself whole- heartedly into Christmas. I can’t say I’m sorry to have seen the hottest summer of my life be over with, and I’m all ready to get all cozy and cuddled up and work on winter art.

I’ve started to realize that my tastes in color and pattern, especially for the Christmas season, were hugely impacted by a doll. Yes, a doll 🙂 When I was in the second grade, my heart nearly exploded with joy when I received a Kirsten doll from American Girls dolls. She was so beautiful and so old timey and she came with old timey clothes and books and accessories. Basically, all the stuff that I still love. My doll was Swedish and so I think I filed away that traditional rustic look with red and white away in my little brain as ‘the most beautiful Christmas stuff ever.”
I love:
RED. Anytime, anywhere.
Good sweet coffee
Braids, braids and more braids!
Pretty old timey and comfy clothes
Red plaids and checks
Red knitted things
I still have my Kirsten doll. She spends her days at the top of a closet most days, but my little one is always eager to get her hands on her. She loves all the little clothes and accessories too. She hated to put her down before school, so I’ve left the doll out for her when she gets home. She knows she has to be gentle, because Kirsten is old now.
But her influence is not! I’m scheming up ways to bring more Swedish Christmas inspiration into my own decor, although some of it is already there subliminally. I really want a straw goat! I love the straw ornaments. And the candles. And I cant wait for the greenery and fresh garlands to be out. I’m thinking I need to make some St. Lucia buns. Wondering if Audrey would wear the St. Lucia crown…..
You can bet that this infatuation will spill over into my art. It already has! Just wait til you see what’s on the art table…..
Til next time,

7 thoughts on “Winter Reds

  1. Red is such a cozy Christmas color. I love the idea of a Swedish Christmas theme. Some day I think it would be fun to spend a Christmas in Sweden, Norway, or some other northern European country.


  2. Awww, it always looks so cozy at your house. That picture of you is soo cute. You still look just like that! I am debating on the \”American Girl\” doll this year. It is funny that you mentioned you were in 2nd grade when you got yours. Rose is in 2nd grade this year and I feel like it is now are never. Big Santa decision. Hmmmmmm. Love all of your cozy fall art, can't wait to see more.


  3. what an amazingly beautiful post,, I love red also and you have done it proud!!! I have had to satrt a new blog,, I would love if you would follow me at my new one,, I let a trail from my old one,


  4. Aww, I had Kirsten too! And I, too, suspect her old-timey calicos and pioneer trappings had a big influence on the things I find pretty now. My doll and I even got the matching flannel nighties one Christmas, hehe. Thanks for bringing back those lovely memories!


  5. Hello there lovely lady. I too LOVE somehow finds it's way into most of my creations. I also absolutely LOVE this time of year!!!Wonderful posthugs, doreen


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