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Not long ago I got a very nice email in my inbox. The ladies over at Artful Blogging wanted to include my blog banner in their ‘banners we love” section of the magazine! I was so thrilled and excited, because Artful Blogging is such a beautiful and high quality publication. So when I received my copy of the magazine in the mail, I was so excited to find my banner there among the pages!

Blogging is such a curious thing— its gotten to the point now where I cant imagine how my art would be without it— without the comradery, friendship, feedback, inspiration and insight that it affords me, painting away by myself in a little house out in Oklahoma. The magazine too is full of amazing eye candy and inspiration, and I hope you get a chance to flip through this issue!
And now, back to painting; always the order of the day! I’ve almost completed the works I’m doing for a gallery exhibit at Deep Fork in OKC in a couple of months and then it will be on to December shows!
Hope you are well and warm on this chilly day,

12 thoughts on “Artful Blogging

  1. Congratulations on the magazine feature! You've definitely earned it.How exciting about Deep Fork, too. I haven't been there in years (since I haven't lived in OKC since 2004), but it was really lovely the last time I was there.


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