A turkey tale & lovely sale!~

Hello and good morning! A happy merry Thanksgiving to you!~ It’s a quiet morning here with no big rush to prepare. My grandpa is our Thanksgiving Day chef, and all I’m accountable for is the apple sauce cake (wanna see it? I blogged it at the What Would Ma Ingalls Do? Blog!)

I’m looking forward to a day spent with lots of great food and laughter and lounging and lots of turkey. I don’t feel a bit bad about the turkey part because they’re rather mean birds. I had a run-in with one last year— a big plumed and pompous one just like the one on the card! Evidently he didn’t like me out walking on a cold afternoon in a red sweatshirt (red is their fighting color, evidently) and he stalked me down the road and then started flapping and lunging at me. It was probably the most ridiculous run-in with a critter that I’ve ever had! Imagine, walking down a street lined with normal homes in a normal neighborhood with a turkey following and heckling you and flapping up at you with its talons out. Do these sorts of things only happen in Oklahoma?
Eventually one of the neighbor men drove by in his truck and saw my assault and yelled for me to ‘jump in!’ and he toted me around to the nearest bend in the road so that the angry turkey couldn’t see me any more. I actually had bruises from that mean old thing. I swore next time I walked out that way I’d bring a bag of stuffing to threaten it with.
And so, yes, I will delight in my turkey dinner today 😀
Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving Day, or just a very merry Thursday to my international readers 🙂 To get in a festive mood I decided to make a sale section in my shop! Come by and take a look! There are several originals that need new homes!~
Thanks so much!~
Til next time…
PS: Last night I gave the blog a new wintertime make-over! What do you think?

9 thoughts on “A turkey tale & lovely sale!~

  1. That is the funniest turkey tale I have ever heard.Not of course the part where you were hurt but the rest.I have never even seen a wild turkey so that must have been a shock.Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.


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