Dec 01

It seems strange that it’s now December first, that hot and miserable summer we had doesn’t seem like it is so distant a memory. I feel like I don’t quite trust the frost or the gray skies. But I’m happy to be wrong 🙂

Around this little house it has definitely taken on the air of Christmas. It was in the 70s the day before Thanksgiving, and it seemed like too good an opportunity to get lights up and decorations out. I’ve decided I like a good Christmas tree, no matter how small or simple. There’s a spindly one in our bedroom and I bought a little live one for the kitchen. Audrey has a pink one for her bedroom. I’m a bit addicted to greenery.
A couple of years ago a friend and I got ambitious and made these Advent Calendars out of fleece and felt. This was one of my first big sewing projects, and I thank Holly for helping get a hold on my sewing machine. This year, however, I have the urge to really get into Advent— which has technically already began as of last Sunday and enjoy the season all the way through Epiphany in January.
My inclination this year is for a deliberately slow and thoughtful Advent and Christmas season. Last night I filled the calendar pockets with pieces of candy in shiny rappers and little notes with things like “make someone smile today, name something you’re thankful for, be a good friend” inside. Now that my little one is going to school, I think she’ll enjoy these little prompts and perhaps in a couple of years can write them herself. I just enjoy that there are so many little things we can do in anticipation of the ‘big day’, and it doesn’t have to be all about the stress of making one day epic and audacious.
This coming Sunday is our St. Nicholas Day festival and I’m looking forward to it. That was the first service we ever attended that lead us on our journey to be where we are and to the new friends we’ve made. And who doesn’t love St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children and sailors who leaves goodies in your stockings?
Well, it’s time to get ready to start today. My little one is still snoozing and she’ll be up and ready to explore the calendar soon. Thanks for coming to visit me today~

5 thoughts on “Dec 01

  1. I love Christmas too Heather! It has always been my favorite time of the year and my birthday just so happens to be a week before! 😉 I enjoyed your blog and I hope the Sleightholms have a great Christmas season(if I don't see you before it ends). Happy Holidays!~Love, Andrea


  2. Happy December, Heather. The magic now begins! I am looking forward to seeing A Christmas Carol this weekend – with two more artisan fairs to attend. And the weather will be cool and crisp – perfect for walking around the city streets with a Starbucks drink! Enjoy the festival on Sunday!


  3. Sighhh, I love your home. Can I move in with you !!! I too am trying to take this month slow and enjoy each moment as Tasha would!! xox CLarice


  4. I LOVE the idea of a more deliberate Christmas season (especially when it doesn't start until advent, not some time in October!). There's so much to enjoy and there are lots of feast days between Thanksgiving and Epiphany that just get mown over in favor of Christmas.We had a horrible summer, too (not quite as hot as yours), and I can't believe it's coat weather. Doesn't seem possible!


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