I’m dreaming of a Swedish Christmas

I’ve written here before about my condition of smitteness (not a word? bah!) with Swedish style. Especially rustic Christmas Swedish style. Pinterest has only fueled my love for the white and red aesthetic, the beautiful simple touches and the combination of nature and tradition with a modern sensibility. sigh….

I love the calmness these scenes reflect. And I do love a good dose of red (really, its a neutral around here) but in a way that isn’t overwhelming. As such a fan of color, I’m surprised at myself for my turn into pale. But really, doesnt white and cream go so well with any season?
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite rustic Swedish Christmas images. Wanna see more? Come to my pinterest and enjoy…..

12 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a Swedish Christmas

  1. All gorgeous images, your pinterst board is chock full of Christmas inspiration too.I especially love lots of red this time of year, it brings a nice cozy brightness to our home and helps ward off the grey days we have so often around these parts.


  2. The older I get the more I turn towards the Scandinavian sense of aesthetic. Not just that actually; they have a lot of good things going generally.Your header is so pretty! Where has the time flown to? I haven't been able to visit you for a while.


  3. Oh How beautiful is that! By the way Heather, I just finished putting up the prints I got from you…and they look LOVELY! :DWhat a blessed gift you have Heather!Maria


  4. I love the tree! I also really like Swedish style, but we have waaaay too much clutter! Any time a movie or TV show has an eccentric professor's house, that's pretty much what ours looks like.


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