Tasha Tuesday– St. Nicholas Day!

Hi there friends,

I was pretty pleased when I realized the other day that St. Nicholas Day would fall on a Tuesday, which is also Tasha Tuesday around these parts 🙂 In case you didn’t know, I do Tasha Tuesdays throughout the year as a sort of fun celebration of one of my favorite artists, Tasha Tudor. She led such a full and unique life that is just full of inspiration.
This coincidence was nice because in many writings about Tasha it is said that all her epic Christmas traditions kicked off on St. Nicholas Day– Dec. 6, with the celebration of Advent on through Christmas Day.

We are celebrating St. Nicholas day in our house with some special gingerbread cookies— St. Nicholas style! I got this idea from some cookies I saw at our annual St. Nicholas Day Festival at our parish. I thought it was a darling idea. And who doesn’t love a frosting beard?

Here is a photo of them all cooked and frosted and looking so pretty on a winter plate that my friend Holly got me for my birthday 🙂 St. Nicholas the icon is looking on, looking more serious than jolly 😉
Tasha was also known for her beautiful gingerbread animals that she would make and after making these slightly sloppy (but yummy) St. Nick’s, I can appreciate her skill even more!
Tasha was always saying “Take Joy” and I like that mantra. I try my best each day, doing better at it on some days than others. I can’t help but love her optimism and ability to find that joy for the taking in so many quiet little moments. This season of Advent is about just that, and I look forward to sharing more quiet little moments with you!~
Happy Tasha Tuesday~
*Top illustration by Tasha Tudor

8 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday– St. Nicholas Day!

  1. I love your Tasha Tuesdays and always feel badly when I am too busy to visit and get a dose of Tasha!Your cookies look fabulous and my mouth is watering just looking at those goodies.Have a wonderful day and I too will try to find the Joy in my day!Tina xo


  2. Oh Heather, this resonates so much in me. I so enjoy baking especially adding a bit of that great buttercream frosting to my cookies…but like Tasha, taking JOY in the small things is really what makes this season joyful for me and mine.Be blessed,Maria


  3. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.I love your story of how you celebrate St Nichols and Tasha Tuesday.Tasha lived such a simple but very full life.I wish I could have met her one day.We can only imagine the story's she could tell us.


  4. This post made me feel all warm and happy! Your St. Nick cookies are adorable. I've actually got the Tasha Tudor cookbook at home with me right now. I picked it up at the library and can't wait to look through it!


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