A Deluxe Weekend

I’ve been mulling over this post all day in my head, well probably for the last couple of days actually, but this is the first time I’ve had to sit down and put up the photos from this year’s Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar in OKC.

It was a beautiful show and I was very pleased to be nestled nicely between my two best gals– Sweetheartville and Art By Bethany. This year was extra special because they both had their new baby girls on hand, and another friend was with her husband who put up a chiropractic booth (best idea ever! Set up your booth, then get your shoulders rubbed!) who also had her baby there. So, really, I spent my saturday selling art and nuzzling sweet babies. Day well spent, I think!
I also picked up some pretty nice little bits and bobs from new vendors and trades with old friends. There was even a break-dancing contest, which I declined to enter 😉 I’m happy to report that I did NOT come home with a lost voice or any sort of cold, which sometimes happens to me. Its like I get so worked up for shows that I sometimes just fall apart when they’re over with 😉
But I have to keep calm and carry on because there’s another show this coming weekend— Alliday! This show is in Tulsa, so if that city is closer to you than OKC, I think it’s going to be a fun show. I’ll be sharing a space with my friend Beth and, chances are, cuddling more crafty babies 🙂
I had a lot of fun meeting old friends and new friends at this show, which is my favorite part. I was so happy to finally meet Sonia Gensler, the author who commissioned a character portrait not long ago, and also meet some new vendors. My St. Lucia painting inspired lots of Swedish bonding, and in general it was a show full of good people watching. There was even some dog watching with the greyhound rescue just one aisle over!
Now its time to rest up, maybe paint up a few ornaments, get ready for the holidays and…..also overhaul this house as we’ve decided we’re going to really truly try to move in the next few months. So….a few things to do in the next few days and weeks!
So, guess I better get some beauty sleep!~
Til next time,

11 thoughts on “A Deluxe Weekend

  1. Ooo I see such pretty things in your photos. I'm glad you had a good time, but I'm a bit disappointed I won't be able to find your break-dancing on YouTube any time soon. 😉


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