*St. Lucia Day*

Good afternoon and happy St. Lucia Day!~

Well, its a bit late but I did get the St.Lucia buns baked, the best I could do anyhow. Making these buns turned out to be a comedy of errors which included me leaving my purse across town and not having the main ingredient (saffron!) and when I went to get it, it was way too expensive for my budget ($12. Really.)
But it’s still Dec.13 and some semblance of St. Lucia buns have been baked πŸ™‚ In place of the saffron I added cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger because really, those are fool-proof ingredients, right? I’ve enjoyed one in the quiet before my girl gets home and they are nice. Thank goodness!
The recipe I used came out of the book “Kirsten’s Cook Book” which was a companion book to my favorite doll growing up– Kirsten the Swedish girl made by American Girls Dolls. This book still has crumbs in it from when I used it as a kid— I distinctly remember making Swedish Pancakes out of it for a ‘food from around the world’ day in the 6th grade. Hopefully my cooking has improved?
Wherever you are, and whether you celebrate this day as St.Lucia Day or just any other day, I hope it is a peaceful one and a purposeful one. That’s what I’m working today, anyhow.
Til next time,
PS: For a good recipe for these St. Lucia buns, go visit Karen over at Lavender and Lovage, she made some with cheese! Yum!

7 thoughts on “*St. Lucia Day*

  1. One of my best friends in elementary school made St. Lucia buns from Kirsten's Cook Book. I had a Samantha doll, but the Felicity Cook Book was my favorite. I can't believe Pleasant Company has \”archived\” all the original dolls except Molly. 😦 Looks like you did a fabulous job on the St. Lucia buns. I'm really guilty of not looking at prices on anything, but I will say that saffron does go a long way.P.S. I've got the same mug, but it's a \”C,\” so Paul and I would both have C mugs!


  2. BEAUTIFUL Heather! I LOVE your styling and the light so Scandinavian and cosy…..lovely post!KarenPS: The quark cheese in the recipe is like cottage cheese but with a smooth cream cheese like texture….so almost like sour cream!


  3. THank you for sharing your St. Lucia Day celebration! I love that your sweet art accompanied the sweet treats. Unfortunately, saffron is THE most expensive spice I've ever seen. I'm not sure of its exact flavoring, but I do know it is often used for its yellow-colored essence. Glad you found suitable substitutes!


  4. Oh that's so cool! I had Kirsten too!!! Well, I still have her but she's packed away. I loved my Kirsten cookbook. I always made the molasses cookies. Thanks for bringing back fun memories! Hannah


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