New things, busy things

Truth be told, I’m relieved to see Monday. This past week was a bit crazy. Or a lot crazy, depending how you look at it. A small recap is as follows:
* A little Miss got her first loose tooth
* My husband took his last final after about 5 years of going to school a few nights a week after work to obtain a degree he needed for his job
* The cat died
* I had back-to-back weekend craft shows
*Said loose tooth was lost while eating an apple and the tooth fairy made her first appearance
* Continued cleaning of house to prepare to put it on the market at the beginning of the new year
* The sudden onset of puppy fever that resulted in…

This, my dears, is Franklin. My new baby. I love him. Getting him was the result in a fit of madness that my husband still isn’t sure about, although I think he kinda likes the baby already 🙂

Having had Henry, our other Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, we all love the breed. They’re just so docile and loving and while they like to have a good time romping, they also love a good nap (or 10). I was sort of self-medicating my sadness after losing Annie to an unexpected sickness by reading the pet ads in the paper. While reading, I stumbled upon an add a woman had placed saying that her pair of dogs had had a litter and she had the color of cavaliers that I had always loved but rarely seen- the ruby (all red). Needless to say, the fever ensued. And friday afternoon, just hours before I was supposed to be setting up for Alliday, I found myself driving out to a little Mennonite town to pick up my baby from the woman who had him. It was love at first sight.
If you saw me at Alliday this weekend, chances are you saw Franklin (although he was as of yet unnamed!) I know Beth and I were quite a sight in our booth— she had her little 4 month old in a bassinet between us, and I had Franklin in a baby sling across my shoulder. And he was so good. I think he slept through 95% of the show and just looked generally adorable for all the visitors.
I am also happy to report that I met several new friends, either readers of the blog or friends on the Audrey Eclectic Facebook page or both. Thank you so much to all of you who came and saw me, the crazy girl with the dog in the sling.
And now, with a week until Christmas, its time to turn my attention to family things and fun things and calm things. I’m happy to have my little gap-toothed gal and my two furry boys to keep me company through the days. Im sure some cookie making will ensue at some point. And then it will time to turn my attentions to 2012, which I hope will be a wonderful year for this little folk art business on the prairie….
Happy Holidays,

11 thoughts on “New things, busy things

  1. Thanks for being crazy with us this weekend 🙂 I'm so very sorry to hear about Annie! It's so hard to lose a fuzzy loved one 😦 I'm sure Franklin is helping heal you all right now though! He was SUCH a cutie! He gave me puppy fever something terrible!


  2. Welcome Franklin! How adorable are you!! Am I your first UK fan young pup?So sorry to hear about Annie Heather, but hopefully all those puppy cuddles will ease the pain x


  3. Oh how we can empathize with the pain of beloved pet-loss…and cheer for joy at the entrance into the fam of a new one!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that little Franklin face. I am on the prowl for a small fuzzy something myself with a big name to fill- LINCOLN! Hmmm…what kind of cuddly to fit the name?… LOL!! Happiest Holidays, friends. : }


  4. Dear Heather,So uncanny to read your post tonight. You may recall our young cat Sakura died in October? Well I have to have a few allergy test early January as I developped asthma prior to Sakura passing away. Obviously we would love to have another cat but I really need to make sure that I am not hugely allergic to cat hair. I've told the children it's the cat or me! However during these weeks of waiting my thoughts have turned to other solutions and the one which kept jumping to mind like an enthusiastic puppy was…. buying a King Charles Spaniel. I absolutely adore them! Seeing your little Franklin has made me quite weak at the knees.I am so sorry to hear about Annie, Heather. I think your instinct to fill the void is an excellent one.I am wishing you and your family much love and joy over the next few days now in the company of the cutest puppy on earth.Stephanie


  5. Oh my gosh he is so adorable I wouldn't be able to resist this sweetness either.We are also putting our house on the market and thinking we would like to move to Florida.I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful art.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from UpAndAwayStudio.


  6. I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. But I am joyous, too, over the addition of Franklin to the family! What a cutie! Seems like life has been very full for your family. Hope your little miss was thrilled by the visit from the tooth fairy and that your hubby finished school!


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