Calm before the Christmas

I feel relieved that we’ve finally reached that calm before the holiday. For so many weeks now I felt like I was struggling to get everything done, and now it is— more or less– and it’s time to relax and let the day come.

I’ve been relatively good as far as the cookies go (relatively) but I couldnt resist having a homemade sugar cookie on my new blue-and-white plate featuring a skating dutch couple. For a girl who’s maiden name was Van Winkle who was super obsessed with figure skating at a certain time in her life, it seemed just perfect, and I snatched it up off of etsy a few days ago.
During this holiday time Franklin has been getting to know his new home and family and is settling in nicely. He’s Mr. Personality for sure. We’re hoping he’ll keep the stodgy old man Henry young. Henry doesn’t trust him much yet, especially since Franklin keeps checking the poor old dog to see if he can nurse (answer? No. No, sir!) He spends some time in the baby sling when I need to move around but also keep track of him, or when I need him to settle down some. He’s such a baby, he loves it. Actually, he’s in it now πŸ˜‰
I’m also looking forward to finishing the roughly 8,000 knitting projects I have started or am longing to start. There are about 3 unfinished projects in that pile of yarn alone! I’m pleased to say that at least one is more or less finished now πŸ˜‰
And so. Christmas Eve is tomorrow and then Christmas will truly be here. It seems to have come so fast. Was it that long ago that it was 114 degrees outside and the worst summer ever? Now all we need is to see some snow, although that wont be for a while yet, I’m sure. Things always come full circle, though, don’t they?
Well, wishing you a merry holiday!~
Happy Christmas,

10 thoughts on “Calm before the Christmas

  1. Dear Heather,I can relate to everything you have written; the knitted projects especially.Oh Franklin you are tugging at my heartstrings!I am eager to return to your blog in the New Year and am so pleased to have 'met' you.Happy Christmas to you and your kin!


  2. Heather, it sounds like everything is going well. I can relate to the way too many knitting projects, either unfinished or on my long list of things I'd love to knit, if only I could find the time. πŸ™‚ I love your new plate, very lovely. Have a Merry and Beautiful Christmas!


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