Well here it is, the first painting of 2012! I was working on this New Year’s Eve night. We actually rang in the new year sitting on the couch with a couple of snoozing dogs watching Portlandia. It was my type of fancy 🙂

I decided to name this piece Lillibet because I think its the cutest name. I’ve been on an anglophile reading tear lately and while reading about young Queen Elizabeth II I learned that “Lillibet” was her childhood nickname (A babyfied ‘Elizabeth’) and thought it was adorable. And so, that moment of love has turned into the naming of this painting.
This new year has inspired me to work on a little different sort of wintery color palette. I don’t often do pale backgrounds, although this time of year seems to bring it out in me. And for some reason this time of year always finds me listening to this album, without fail. Perhaps the pale cover art is what clicks in my brain for pale paintings. Who knows!
Anyhow….a quiet day in the studio here. I’ve got two snoozing dogs and a date for a walk in the park with a friend, and a mommy dinner date later tonight, which I’m looking forward to! It’s so easy to burrow in and become a hermit (who wears terrible, mismatched lazy clothes) when you work from home. Here’s to throwing in a little girl time and nice outfits into the mix 🙂
Hope your 2012 is happy and hopeful!~

17 thoughts on “Lillibet

  1. Lillibet – wonderful name and painting! She looks to me exactly as I imagine Rebecca of Ivanhoe would, but in a different era. Those sweet, grave brown eyes are so captivating… and I really love the light background. ❤


  2. I so totally want to watch Portlandia! We don't have IFC, but I just discovered that the first season is on Netflix, so I'm totally rounding up the husband to watch it this evening. The characters sound a lot like our friends (and maybe like us!). It's a good thing we can laugh at ourselves…Lillibet is gorgeous. Enjoy your girl time! As I type this, I'm wearing an OU hoodie and some leggings. Maybe I should get out more!


  3. Happy Happy New Year!!! 🙂 I just adore Lillibet. She's perfect. I love the creamy background – with the wheat and flowers. It serves as a perfect frame to showcase the girl herself. We always spend a quiet New Year, too. I wait for the ball to drop and then I go to bed…what a party person I am! 🙂


  4. Lillibet, is a truly lovely name. She is very pretty and the name suits her very well. I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you via The Little House, I wanted you to know I hadn't forgotten. They close in the winter time, but I've been meaning to talk to my friend and find out some info for you. I will send her a note right now, so I can pass that onto you soon. This time of year, I have so many thoughts floating in my head, I get lost in them. 🙂 Hope your New Year is filled with goodness and blessings!


  5. beautiful! delicate, feminine, great lines and shading, white and red wintery, frosty looks, as if weather beaten, perfect! Lilibet is indeed a lovely name!i believe this pictures opens a lovely series of portraits of 2012.


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