*Pretty Gray Things*

January can be a pale and dreary month after the intense colors of Christmas. But gray doesn’t have to boring or plain. I’ve been admiring some very pretty gray things as of late, like a new vintage photo and lovely gray knitting project.

The other day I was surprised by a package in the mail and received this most gorgeous of gorgeous old photos from my friend (and jewelry making genius) Katinka Pinka. I had seen a glimpse of it in a photo she posted of her booth at Max’s Haus in New Braunfuls, TX. She was kind enough to send it to me, and I love love love it. It looks to be a pair of children’s confirmation photo. Their last names aren’t the same, so I wonder if perhaps they were cousins. I love her dress, don’t you? And their tiny ornate Bibles and rosaries. I think their candles have been ‘enhanced’ to look as it they’re glowing. Pre-Photoshop, people!
I’ve also been working on that dreamy gray yarn I purchased at Shepherd’s Cross last month. it’s soft and easy to knit, and I decided to try out the seed stitch after seeing a really simple explanation for it on Katie Elliot’s blog. She also made a seed stitch scarf, and so I thought it would be a perfect way to get that stitch down pat. As you can see from the little ball of yarn, I’m almost done!
Well, I need to get ready to start the day. I’m in the mood for french onion soup tonight. The temperatures are finally falling from their deceptively spring-like warmth and perhaps winter will truly be on it’s way soon. Will we see snow this year? Who knows! I did buy a snow shovel and a karosene lamp…which should guarantee we have the warmest winter on record 😉
Til next time….

8 thoughts on “*Pretty Gray Things*

  1. I absolutely love the antique photo too! Their shoes are my favorite part. I added a couple of photos to my collection last week and I'm having a fun time finding places for all my little people in my new home. Thanks for sharing! I think I might blog about my photos soon too.


  2. What a beautiful photo~ love her dress & shoes,Don't you wonder about old photos~ do they still have family~ why did the photos get inot other hands? Did someone need money, not care about family history, or just got lost~ Oh, but us that admire them, makes it so interesting~enjoy the dayTeresa


  3. LOVELY photo and knitting, and I LOVE grey too! Such a wonderful January post Heather…..by the way, I posted about Yorkshire with photos on my blog yesterday! KarenXXXXXXXXXXX


  4. Heather–thank you for sharing this wonderful photo–sometimes I wonder if I was there in a former life–I'm so attracted to these Victorian photos…….but I like where I'm living now :)And the knitting–ahh–perfect!


  5. Oh, this photo is amazing – and the knitting is something I've been wanting to do so badly. WOW! And I seem to remember hearing/seeing something about ice skates… Your January isn't lacking, that's for sure:)


  6. Greetings! I am wandering over from Laura Frantz's blog- I was curious about your art she had mentioned and glad I came over! I love your work! I think I may have seen your Etsy store at some point before! And, I KNOW I have seen your work in Artful Blogging because I have the recent issue and I LOVE that magazine, and all the other ones they have! You have such a talent- it is so fun to see your paintings! I see you are one Pinterest! I am too and will add your name to follow! HEHE! I love going there but try not to so much because I get sucked in!! IT's addicting! I love your \”gray\” post. My sister in law (you can see her blog button on MY blog, on the right hand side) loves \”gray\” and she has a sweet blog but doesn't do much with it right now. I think I remember her having a post about gray paint awhile back. Again, love your work! It's very inspiring. I'm a \”dreaming to be published\” writer, but I could sooo see one of your paintings as my most recent heroine…if I were rich I'd commission you! HA! Thanks for sharing your loveliness! ~AMY


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