There once was a cowgirl…

They say that all girls love horses, and I think that for my girl, that is especially true. She’s always loved playing with little toy horses and coloring them in her color books, and seeing them put to pasture as we drive down country roads.

Yesterday we got to see the real live animals when we spent most of the day at a local ranch for a friend’s birthday party. All the kids loved seeing these huge, beautiful, gentle animals. And I confess, I got in my snuggle time with a particularly gentle horse or two. Suddenly I felt five again as well and was a little sorry I didn’t get a chance to ride!
Audrey was terrible excited by it all and not the least bit shy or afraid of the animals. She plopped right up in the saddle and sat tall and regal as any little rider would. She trotted around on two large horses and then wanted more. This is how being a cowgirl begins, I suppose.

17 thoughts on “There once was a cowgirl…

  1. Yep, another horse crazy little girl sittin right up there! I raised two of them and we even gave in when they were 12 and 14 and bought them their own pony and horse. Horses are just so beautiful and riding them is the thrill of wind in your hair and speed in the saddle. IT is addicting!!Audrey is quite adorable!!Save your pennies, Mom, because soon will come \”can I have a pony, Mom? Please??? Please??? Please?? I'll never ask for another thing if you get me a pony!!! Pleezzee??? Just warning you!


  2. So how soon after the party did she start bugging mom and dad to get her a horse of her very own? I mean, surely you could fit another creature on that property of yours, right? Maybe a pygmy? 😉


  3. @LAurie- Thank you! Yes, she was so at ease with the horses, I was impressed. She is such a funny little thing. She's had a love of horses for a couple of years now, but I was surprised how confident she was.


  4. @ Winnie, she hasnt asked for a pony– yet! But I know that she had a great time. She was such a natural. I'd like to take a riding lesson myself! These kids get to do all the fun stuff 😉


  5. What sweet horses and what a sweet photo of Audrey! I've only been on a horse once (my cousins lived on a farm out near Crescent). Despite growing up in Oklahoma, riding just wasn't something I ever got into, but I have considered taking lessons here in Wichita.


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