….And then Toto arrived

Yesterday was one of those days. Everything was just going terribly. I couldn’t find a crafting supply that I was desperate to find, the window on my car broke, I bought the wrong yarn. I couldn’t win for losing. You know those days?

Around here I can tell when the mail man arrives just by the sound of his brakes. And I had just settled down with a painting that has been getting greatly neglected when I heard him stop in front of the house, and I can’t ever resist the lure of “maybe there’s a magazine!” so I went out, still with a wet paintbrush in my hand, when I heard barking and this crazy little thing raced by, dragging a tether behind.
She looks just like Toto. It’s like she blew in for Audrey’s party, but came a few days late. Seeing the tether dragging behind her, I thought she must have just escaped from a neighbor’s yard so I captured her (which involved stepping on the 8 foot of cord she was dragging and then trotting her back to the porch) and she was a mess. The scraggliest looking thing ever. She had mats and snarls all over her, she had obviously been out for a good long time. So…like any good Ellie May Clampett would do, I promptly brought her inside, cut off all the snarls and snags and bathed her repeatedly. She was so dirty I had to clean the bathroom next because so much dirt came off that little body.
Once she realized I wasn’t going to hurt her, this dog pretty much fell in love with me. She’s pretty darn adorable. She wants to be in my lap (nuzzling me sweetly) or sitting primly at my feet. I know a good dog like this must have a home. I’ve posted fliers and I’ve reported her to the local shelter (which I would never take an animal to, but I figured her owner may have called there to report her missing) she had a worn and rotten collar on but no tags. I have no idea where she’s been or what her story is. I’m finding myself slowly becoming one of ‘those people’…those people surrounded by dogs, when for years I had assumed I was a cat person. Oh no. I do not tire easily of constant adoration 😉
So now. Here we are. In this tiny house. Three dogs. For now. If someone out there loves and misses her, I want her to be back in her home because if one of my boys got out, I’d want someone to make a search for his rightful home. So I will with her. But….if nothing happens…Well, all I’m missing is a ‘cement pond’ and a raccoon.
I will eventually get back to painting 😉 I think….
UPDATE: This afternoon I got a call from a girl saying that I had found her dog and she identified the little cutie closely so I knew it was her family. They live just down the road, so I’m hoping that maybe I’ll get to see this little moppet again some time. I’m glad she’s with her family again, and things seem strangely peaceful with only two dogs now! I’m glad she came to give me some cheering up when she did. And she got a haircut out of the deal, lol.

9 thoughts on “….And then Toto arrived

  1. I'm a sucker for strays also, they have a way of finding the right person to come to. 🙂 I think every animal out there should have a loving home where they are kept safe.


  2. Oh my what a sweet pup!!! She just needed some rescue help and most likely a decent meal!! I would find myself hoping the real owner never surfaces. I mean how much space can she take up?? What an adorable face. Let us know how the story unfolds. Guess she heard your call that you needed a \”fog lifter\” . Answers come in the most amazing packages!


  3. As an update– I did take her in to see if she had a micro chip, which she did not. The vet tech thinks she's some sort of yorkie mix because she has the funniest big bat ears I've ever seen! So expressive!


  4. What a darling! Am I right though in thinking her claws are quite long, because when dogs with long claws came into the whippet rescue I used to run we took that as a sign that they hadn't been wandering too long but had in fact been allowed to get at least some way toward the state they were in in the place they'd come from. Which is not to suggest they weren't loved there, but some folk really have no idea how to care for a dog. Just a thought to bear in mind when you are looking for the original owner. And hey, 3 dogs, you haven't started yet girl, types the woman with 7 ;D


  5. What a lovely story. I was getting choked up reading all about your fast friendship and how you took care of her. What a little doll. I really hope that her family will be responsible and get her some new tags. Geeesh. Don't get me started on \”bad\” dog owners. I hope you get to see her again soon.You're the sweetest! Holly


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