Early this morning when I let the dogs out I found that the outside world was completely shrouded in fog. It was quiet and gray with a faint rosey pink from a hidden sunrise and it seemed to perfectly capture how I’ve been feeling lately. Be-fogged.

Things seem to be full of starts and stops lately, and wanting to be focused and driven but not knowing quite what to focus on or, frankly where to ‘drive.’ I know that there is something out there that I am meant to do, but it’s just beyond the fog. I just have to trudge through to find it.
With this in mind, I was happy to sit at the table this morning when it was just me and the dogs and watch the sun burn off the fog while I ate my breakfast of leftover birthday brownie and coffee. It is now bright and incredibly blue outside.
I’ve got a couple of books out that I’ve been thumbing though over the past day or so, looking for some focus and motivation. I have a new painting is the gesso stage on my desk and fingers crossed it actually turns out into something I’m pleased with. Yesterday ended with a half-done painting getting completely painted over in black. No good. Need to start over. Sometimes it works to push through a painting, and other times you just have to realize that you’re wasting time and need to move onto what’s next.
So. That’s what my hopes are for the day. What are your hopes for this Tuesday? Are you struggling with a plan or a project or just *things* in general? Hope the fog lifts for you as well~
* The books in the post are Handmade Marketplace and Plain Living. You can find them both on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “::Fog::

  1. Heather, I know that \”fog\” feeling so well!! It is that restless,grouping around, unsatisfied feeling that is tough to shake. My Mom used to say she was feeling \”between sixes and sevens\” . I never could figure out what she was talking about until later in my life. Yep, sounds like you too are between sixes and sevens!! The good news is that is does seem to pass but sometimes not until we think we are losing our minds! Brownies and coffee seems like the perfect antidote!! It works for me!!


  2. I am in a bit of a fog myself, I have all of these plans, wants and needs but I can't seem to accomplish any of them. Seems as though something is always setting me back or perhaps I set myself back… I hope the fog soon rises!


  3. First, I love your new header.Second, I can definitely relate to the brain fog. That's been my week so far, too! We're having people over this weekend, so I guess I'll have to get my act together at some point.Third, how envious am I that you had a brownie for breakfast!


  4. Ah I know the feeling:) I always think it's because of the time of year for me…not spring…not summer. Tettering on the edge of expectation of something that will force me forward…make me more productive and motivated.


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