European Folk Art:: Johanna


It has been the most audaciously stormy few days here. Last night the clouds rolled back in after a lull of blue and it was the most amazing sight. The clouds were like a pool of black ink seeping across the sky, it was the most foreboding sight. I was so glad to be tucked in safe in warm in my tiny little house.
And while the days have been full of rain and rolling thunder and waking up slowly to a green spring, I’ve been studying up on traditional folk art style motifs. That is what ‘Johanna’ (now available on etsy) was born out of. I have always been drawn to the rich decorative painting and embroidery of many of the European cultures. From Swedish to Russian (both currently feeding multiple obsessions! You’ll see!) I think they are so interesting and so lovely.
This painting was really a practice at doing a more complicated floral pattern and I used it to frame the figure of the girl Johanna in a nondescript traditional dress. I didn’t have a particular country in mind from which she would hail– I think the look and costume will probably fit with several different heritages from around Europe, and perhaps she’ll speak to you in some way?
I love the deep salmon color of the flowers, which is actually a color called ‘Georgia Clay.’ But mixed and highlighted with pink, it takes a more salmon tone.
I’m not sure what Johanna’s story is, but I’m sure its a fascinating one. From where do you think she comes from? Maybe she’ll tell you ๐Ÿ™‚
Til next time,

21 thoughts on “European Folk Art:: Johanna

  1. Oh, I love this painting!! To me, Johanna embodies that folkish mystery of beauty all wrapped up in brillant color. She is quite lovely! And I love those salmon colored flowers too. Such a rich and gorgeous color for her blond hair!


  2. Love her dress! I want a dirndl of my own some day. :-)It's been raining nonstop here, too. It's been so gloomy! I'm looking forward to sunshine–just as long as it doesn't get hot.


  3. Thank you Winnie! I'm liking the look of salmon colored flowers. I have a big rose bush with salmony-orange blossoms and I'm eager to see it blossom this spring!


  4. Audrey i have not remembered to tell you before that i am living in a village (in border of Russia), where Nikolai II and his family liked to visit in summer times. This was a dear place to them, and his secret last visit in here was 1914. here is one of the photographs taken from Nikolai in Virolahti…


  5. This is so incredibly stunning, and oddly nostalgic. She reminds me a touch of Heidi. I sort of imagine her, a lovely fair maiden living in the mountains alone with her animals. Forgive me, it's just what I envision. I also feel like she'd yodel? Haha! Anyway, she is so pretty!


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