*Linen Bubuskas*

So, I had this idea. Fabric dolls made in the shape of Russian Babushkas (Matryoshkas, stacking dolls, nesting dolls, etc) I had some linen left over from that petticoat I made and these little figures are my first attempt. As always, the first project is like the first pancake….it might come out weird, hopefully not burnt, but it’s still, over all, ok. I think I’ll try a little different shape and different method of bottom, but over all, I like them. What do you think? Should I have ladies like these in the shop in the future?

23 thoughts on “*Linen Bubuskas*

  1. they're lovely, the faces are just right for the doll, they have an old world charm about them, I love lines and the crotcheted accents are beautiful.


  2. I love these Heather!! And I would vote to have some in your store along with some Dala horses in various colors!!! You are really on an exciting painting journey with these European inspirations. Loving each new creation and thanks for sharing with us !


  3. Thanks so much, Winnie! I'm glad you like all these little loves and endeavors my mind keeps coming up with! Sometimes I wonder if my readers are thinking \”oh gosh, whats she obsessed with today?\” lol!


  4. Holly, Yes! They are fun! Im still trying to figure them out though ๐Ÿ™‚ I'd meant to add some buttons but I've packed them away and cant find them, oh! lol ๐Ÿ™‚


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