Russian Winter Serenade

Yes I did just say ‘winter’ in all of just March 😉 This is my latest painting that I’ve been working on for the past few days and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out! My traditional folk art passion is still in full swing and I’ve been looking at all sorts of folk art pieces, studying books on folk art motifs, and even checking books out of the library on Russian and Swedish culture, because those specific cultures and their folk art seem to speak to me the loudest.

This painting is called “Russian Winter Serenade” and was inspired by the style used on Russian lacquered boxes. If you’ve never seen these boxes, they are amazing works of art, often times depicting folk tales or historical themes in an illustrative way with tons and tons of little details that make the over all piece so rich and full of movement.

So, this is what I was working on while listening to Beirut on Pandora, and I’m anxious to paint some more scenes, perhaps a Swedish one next. Hope you all like the painting! What do you think of Russian Winter Serenade?

14 thoughts on “Russian Winter Serenade

  1. Heather— This is a fabulous painting! I love the subject matter and folk art background mixed together. It is just how I would imagine snowy Moscow in winter. I also love the floral border which reminds me of the gypsy feeling I get with the colors of the clothing. I am totally loving this new series you are creating!!! Can you do a gypsy and cart???thanks for sharing this behind the scenes work of an artist with those of us who are not \”4\” on the personality test!! Otherwise we are clueless as to how this all happens!! Ha!!


  2. Thanks so much, Winnie! Glad you like it 😀 it was a lot of fun and also a lot of work with all the little busy details. I'm sure more folky scenes will be on their way! 🙂


  3. Heather, This is just exquisite!! One of your best yet – though I love everything you do. I have a cousin living in Moscow who'd love this:) It reminds me of her and their snowy scene there…


  4. Love it! It kind of makes me sad we didn't get a real winter this year, though. Maybe next year? I had a lot of sweaters I didn't even get to wear!


  5. Love this too!!! I forget to mention that my grandfather was russian, my father half russian, half I have a deep deep feeling about that part of the world, a lot of dreams about Lycke


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