International Studies

Thanks to a recent trip to the library, Audrey and I are getting all international. I decided I needed to know more about the countries whose folk art has been so inspiring to me lately, and also picked up a little Russian folk tale book for Audrey, who is now totally into
Baba Yaga.

I’ve been working on my little dolls some more, and she keeps swiping them. And instead of Babushkas she calls them her “Baba Yagas” which I’m not too offended at because its honestly so cute to see her line them up and shepherd over them πŸ˜‰
Baba Yaga, if you had no idea, is well known Russia folk tale witch. There are many tales in which Baba Yaga is the villain, what with her house that stands on chicken legs and her desire to eat “bad Russian children.” Her home is usually lined with a fence of macabre skulls and bones and she’s always trying to lure in kids for her meals, but luckily things never seem to work out in her favor πŸ˜‰ In the book we got from the library, she ends up throwing the kids out and running back into her house for some peace and quiet. I can understand that!
In less witchy endeavors, I think I’ve finally settled on a doll body style I like and have figured out how I want to make my babushka/baba yagas. I’ve got the prototype finished and am working on another pair that will probably be first into my shop! Cant wait to show you!~
Til then, don’t let Baba Yaga get you….

10 thoughts on “International Studies

  1. Heather,I love the folkiness of your art. It is very unique and wonderful.I know you are a Tasha fan and I was looking through my collection last night. My husband had the foresight to have her sign a 2000 edition of Pumpkin Moonshine, her first published work, and give to me on an anniversary. I didn't remember I had it!I am going to do a post on her today. I am in love, inspired all over again.Pam


  2. Baba Yaga is new to me too and she does sound like Hansel and Gretel! I bet the artwork is beautiful and perfect for your idea gatherings. I for one can't wait to see the dolls you are creating! So exciting! I am so happy to be trailing along on your blog in this new creative series! Loving every posting and can't wait for the new arrivals in your store!


  3. Pam, that is so amazing that you have a signed Pumpkin Moonshine! What a treasure and what a thoughtful husband! Looking forward to seeing your post!~


  4. Kelsey, The story does sound a bit like Hansel and Gretel, although I think Baba Yaga is like a 'series character' and appears in many different tales in different ways. She's the go-to villain!


  5. Winnie, The art in this book is fantastic and I love it! I just love this folky russian style, something about it calls to me. The dolls need their final closing stitches and then a bit of paint and they'll be done!~ Im so glad you're vising the blog too, its always nice to chat with you πŸ™‚


  6. Oh, I like the sound of this story! Over the holidays, I watched a strange version of Hansel and Gretel with my children and they were so mad at me for making them watch that. I could tell they liked it though. Ha ha I am sure I would get the same results with these stories. I will have to find them. Can't wait to see the dolls.


  7. I'm sure I've seen the Baba Yaga book before … when was it published Heather? I'm wondering if my kids ever had it here.I love the Russian Folk Art thing, it's a perfect match for your work πŸ˜€


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